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The Joint Offering

The SCF provides a free to use, rationalised, IT, privacy and cybersecurity control framework that is baselined and mapped against 150+ global regulations and standards – a framework of frameworks. SureCloud users can now utilise the SCF control content and mapping directly into their SureCloud Compliance Management solution. Customers can populate SCF control data into their control library and take advantage of the pre-existing mappings and coverage across any required regulation and standard covered by the framework. Users can choose to customise these controls further to ensure they meet the needs of the compliance management program. Each control is supplied with maturity level guidance and question interpretations to make assessing third parties easy.

With SureCloud’s Compliance Management solution, you can use the SCF controls to streamline multiple compliance programs as well as manage SCF control updates using simple accept/discard workflows. The previously time-consuming process of reviewing updates can now be done automatically, in a matter of minutes, streamlining the compliance change process.

SureCloud and SCF’s Solution

  • Kickstart your compliance program by allowing free usage of any of the 850+ SCF controls.
  • Allow easy control management by using SureCloud’s central database to notify you when there are changes for you to review and accept/reject.
  • Provide an easy, wizard-driven path to operationalising and deploying controls against given context such as IT Assets, Processes and Organisational Structures.
  • Help you manage the adoptions and updates of controls by revising the master control and pushing out updates to associated controls.
  • Provide you with powerful insights via centralized, real-time dashboards and reporting.

It is refreshing to see how SureCloud has developed a compliance management solution that consumes these controls in an exceptionally well thought out manner, giving equal consideration to deployment and control management.

Tom Cornelius – Founder & Contributor of Secure Controls Framework

Want to learn more? Download our full datasheet at the bottom of the page to see our benefits and key features in our PDF document. 


SCF Datasheet

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