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Continually assess. Mitigate risk. Stay secure.

With ever-changing compliance requirements, third-party risks and a growing threat of cyberattacks, information security doesn’t stand still.

With SureCloud's Aurora platform, you don't have to take a risk with your choice of GRC software.
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Join the amazing customers who count on us to guide their GRC transformation journey


Could your organization answer
these three questions:

Are we secure?


How effective is your Information Security program and your regulatory compliance effort?

Is your program’s performance in line with your risk tolerance?

How do we know?

Can you identify, quantify and effectively manage risk?

Are you continuously assessing your risk?

How do you measure and calculate ROI?

How can we manage risk?

Do you monitor your program’s effectiveness?


How do you optimize your Information Security Management program?


Is your GRC tooling scalable?

Aurora enables complete control,visibility and optimization of information security risks




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The no-code, all-in-one GRC solution.

SureCloud’s Aurora platform helps organizations effectively manage information security risks and gain complete visibility of their operations. The highly innovative platform provides powerful insights to help your organization stay ahead of threat actors and constantly evolving compliance standards. With Aurora’s out-of-the-box automation capabilities, transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs.

About us

SureCloud: Security, elevated.

We’re a leading provider of GRC products, helping professionals like you reinvent how you manage risk. With our team of experts and innovative Aurora platform, we help organizations make better decisions to achieve their desired business outcomes. Unlike other GRC platform providers who force organizations to adapt their processes, Aurora is highly configurable and easily customized to fit your own unique operating model. – it's why our clients get immediate value from the outset and impact that lasts.


We’ve been doing great
things for a little while...

Case studies from some of our amazing customers.

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