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SureCloud®, a supplier of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software and managed compliance solutions, today announced the SureCloud Collaborative Compliance Platform, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that helps mid-market organisations in regulated industries simplify and reduce the cost of fulfilling all of their security management and information compliance obligations.


SureCloud Collaborative Compliance Platform pulls together, for the first time, component elements such as vulnerability scanning, SIEM (security information & event management), wireless intrusion detection (IDS) and configuration auditing into a comprehensive solution that cultivates continual security improvement.


“While most solutions in today’s market only provide a partial view of an organisation’s security status, our holistic approach integrates security controls and GRC process automation to give customers an unprecedented amount of actionable intelligence about unprotected data on their systems,” said Richard Hibbert, CEO of SureCloud.  “Our Collaborative Compliance Platform automates and simplifies discovery and management of vulnerable data, reducing risk and promoting simple, cost effective, on-going compliance.”


The platform’s four component modules define and map information assets; automatically scan for vulnerabilities to PCI-approved standards; identify and prioritise vulnerabilities and perform gap analysis.


“SureCloud provides the core features required to achieve compliance at a much lower cost and without the many unnecessary features of more enterprise-focused products,” added Richard Hibbert.  “Furthermore, by automating GRC processes and providing a central repository of information, our SaaS platform stream-lines the compliance process, helping organisations do more while using fewer resources.”




About SureCloud

SureCloud supplies a Software-as-a-Service solution that enables mid-market organisations to greatly simplify and cost-effectively manage their IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (IT GRC) processes. Established in 2006, SureCloud is a British company based in Reading, Berks, with more than 200 customers throughout the UK including a large number of local authorities.

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