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The Challenge

SingleStore processes large volumes of sensitive data for worldwide brands, making it imperative to have a secure, trustworthy platform that is resilient to cyber threats and can provide high levels of assurance to SingleStore customers.

Jake Bernardes, Head of Information Security at SingleStore, said, “Our customer base is made up of enterprise, global-household names who expect a level of security both in the product and in the business. We needed to make the business holistically more secure to provide confidence to our buyers. As well as test the structural soundness of our cloud-hosted platform.”

SingleStore also needed to comply with cybersecurity standards, ISO27001 and SOC 2. As well as meet the contractual customer requirements for annual penetration testing.

SingleStore chose SureCloud as their cybersecurity partner to deliver a full assessment of their Helios platform, to identify potential threats and strengthen their overall security.

Quality testing

SureCloud conducted a detailed cyber assessment, which included application testing, software testing, analysis of the network infrastructure and vulnerability remediation. Throughout the entire penetration test cycle, SingleStore had its own dedicated lead tester from SureCloud, who was available to talk through every element of the process from scoping through to remediation. SingleStore praised the quality of the test and the consultant, stating: “We had a brilliant tester and manager. He was very on top of the project, asked what we wanted and what we thought our areas of vulnerabilities would be. We felt like our full requirements were listened to and actioned on. He did a very thorough piece of testing. Coming from a testing background, I can credit that the test was a very strong piece of work.”

The Solution

Download the case study below to discover the full SingleStore story!


SingleStore Cyber Case Study

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