Governance, risk and compliance, simplified

When you’re facing a growing range of challenges associated with managing technology risks,
cyber threats and compliance requirements, GRC can feel anything but simple.

Aurora offers a diverse selection of integrated product modules for all your GRC use cases,
so your organization can remain secure, informed and compliant.




The intelligent insights you need for GRC

If you’re currently held back by poor insights into program performance and can’t adapt your GRC software to your organization’s unique needs, Aurora is designed to help you remove these barriers. With simple UI to engage first-line users, it seamlessly integrates with everyday business tools to ensure your people are working together in an effective, risk-aware way.


With intelligent, real-time data dashboards and unique adaptability, it’s time to transform uncertainty into knowledge.

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A product module for every GRC use case 

Third-Party Risk Management
Third-Party Risk Management

Proactively manage key risks throughout your vendor landscape

­Data Privacy Management
­Data Privacy Management

Govern and track your GDPR, CCPA and other legal requirements

Compliance Management
Compliance Management

Manage, continuously test and report on your compliance status

Risk Management

Centrally assess, prioritize and manage your key technology risks

Internal Audit Management
Internal Audit Management

Centralize & manage your processes and program

Business Continuity

Continuously manage and assess your organization’s ability to remain operational

Policy Management

Ensure your business users attest to all information security policies

Incident Management

Record, investigate and remediate all breaches

Vulnerability Management

Prioritize, track and report on key vulnerabilities within your organization




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SureCloud’s Aurora platform helps organizations effectively manage information security risks and gain complete visibility of their operations. The highly innovative platform provides powerful insights to help your organization stay ahead of threat actors and constantly evolving compliance standards. With Aurora’s out-of-the-box automation capabilities, you can transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs.



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Common GRC Related Questions

What is GRC software? 

GRC software makes it easier and more attainable for your business to accomplish its goals and manageboth risk and compliance effectively (this is especially true if you’ve been relying on manual processes such as spreadsheets until now). With the right GRC software, your team can streamline communication, maintain control over risk and incident management strategies and automate GRC activities. 


Who uses GRC software? 

Your whole workforce can benefit directly or indirectly from GRC software. Those who directly benefit include: 


Chief information security officers – GRC software can help CISOs save time and cost when balancing security with business objectives, reducing the risk and impact of breaches, and balancing security with regulatory and legal requirements. With SureCloud, they can also prove the ROI of information security measures to key stakeholders. 
Chief risk officers – GRC software helps CROs connect the dots between security and business risks, communicate risk insights with stakeholders and calculate the impact of risk to make more informed decisions. 
Chief compliance officers – With GRC software, CCOs can monitor enforcement and identify opportunities for improvement. This helps them to prevent noncompliance and mitigate risk. 
Executives – Business executives use GRC software to define internal policies, locate any regulatory information for their department and monitor the enforcement of policies.  
What are the benefits of using a GRC platform? 

Businesses that have a strong GRC program and underlying processes that are supported by flexible technology can adapt and react quickly to the ever-evolving risk and compliance landscape. Some of the benefits include: 


Improved efficiency – GRC software allows you to automate various processes and shorten audit cycles. 

A proactive approach to GRC With real-time reporting, you can gain visibility of your organization’s risk and compliance status in real-time, allowing you to take a proactive approach to GRC. 


Increased flexibility – There’s no one-size-fits-all with GRC, so the right software will allow you to customize your workflows to suit your organization’s needs.


Seamless collaboration – GRC software allows your teams to collaborate around one source of truth. 


Reduced costs – Compliance costs are reduced, along with reduced manual labor and improved operational efficiencies. Great news for busy information security professionals and even better news for ROI. 
Does GRC require coding? 

Not with SureCloud’s Aurora platform. Aurora’s no-code architecture and drag-and-drop capabilities mean you can easily undertake complex configuration tasks, no matter your level of technical ability. 

Why should i choose SureCloud as my GRC tool?

With intelligent, real-time data dashboards and unique adaptability, Aurora helps you transform uncertainty into knowledge. It helps you answer three key questions: 


Are we secure? 


How do we know? 

How can we manage risk?

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