Rapidly resolve unexpected disruptions

Resolve unexpected incidents and fortify your defences
In the event of an incident, how can you take steps to resume regular service while minimizing the impact on business operations? While no one wants to face cybersecurity breaches, data leaks, or malware infections, it's critical to be prepared with an incident management plan to get back up and running swiftly and securely. 

With SureCloud’s Aurora incident management software, you can:

  • Check icon Effortlessly detect, report, and resolve incidents through streamlined, automated workflows (so you can ensure a rapid and efficient response to potential threats).
  • Check icon Seamlessly centralize incident management data to give your team a cohesive overview – meaning they can make quick and informed decision-making during critical moments.
  • Check icon Enhance accountability by minimizing downtime and fortifying operational resilience.
  • Check icon-1 Assign and track responsibilities effortlessly, so you can foster an incident management culture that’s both proactive and responsive.
Incident Management 
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What current policy management challenges are you facing?
Is your organization facing these challenges?

Aurora’s incident management solution is for you if any of these challenges resonate: 

  • Check icon-1 “It can be tricky to consistently maintain an up-to-date knowledge base for incident response.”
  • Check icon “Ensuring effective collaboration and communication between teams is a persistent challenge.”
  • Check icon “In the past, some incidents have gone unnoticed
for a while – this caused them to escalate and create more damage.”

A flexible, centralized solution for incident management

Catch incidents early
Catch incidents early

Get notified on potential incidents before they happen – Aurora automatically identifies areas of deficiency to trigger alerts and actions for remediation.

See your incident reporting at-a-glance
See your incident reporting at-a-glance

With Aurora’s reporting tools and intuitive dashboards, you can see at-a-glance how your incidents have been documented and updated.

Seamless integration with triage and action plans
Seamless integration with triage and action plans

Aurora’s intelligent automation seamlessly integrates with triage and action plans for an efficient and centralized approach to incident management. 

Agile and flexible GRC platform that caters to your needs

Our agile compliance offering that comes pre-configured and aligned to industry best practices and can be quickly tailored to your needs and adapted along the way.

Get back the time you spend on admin and training

Aurora’s intuitive platform is designed to reduce the time you spend on training and admin overhead and prioritizes user experience.


Want to learn more? Discover Aurora’s incident management solution.

Want to learn more? Discover Aurora’s incident management solution.