Policy management

The simple way to create, communicate and implement policies

Streamline your policy management processes
Well-defined policies help you ensure compliance with legal requirements and industry standards and contribute to good corporate governance (as well as achieving the organizational goals, of course). 


However, policy management processes can often prove a headache, with the need to manage updates, reviews and changes to (in some cases) hundreds of documents.  Most organisations depend on tool such as Word and SharePoint to manage the complicated signoffs and permissions involved. 

With SureCloud’s Aurora policy management software, you can:

  • Check icon create, edit and customize policies without the need to manage the complicated sign-off processes and permissions across multiple systems.
  • Check icon track and manage different versions of policies to make sure they’re reviewed and signed off – helping you provide clarity and accountability.
  • Check icon automate workflows for policy approval with easy-to-use role-based access and notification templates.
  • Check icon-1 report on real-time progress to track and understand employee acknowledgement of policies and exceptions.
Policy management
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What current policy management challenges are you facing?
Is your organization facing these challenges?

Aurora’s policy management solution is for you if any of these challenges resonate:

  • Check icon-1 “Managing a lot of policies across various systems and departments is getting complicated. Not all our employees are even sure where policies are stored.”
  • Check icon “Ensuring that employees are aware of the policies, understand them and comply with them is proving a challenge.”
  • Check icon “It’s a huge effort to keep all our policies up to date with evolving regulations, industry standards and organizational needs – all while communicating these changes to employees.”

Why Aurora for policy management?

Schedule reviews and attestation campaigns
Schedule reviews and attestation campaigns

Set up reviews and attestation campaigns on a schedule to avoid gaps in policies and knowledge

Keep policies up to date and understood

Schedule reviews and set up frequencies for policy acknowledgements to ensure policies are kept up-to-date and understood.

Agile GRC that’s flexible to your needs
Agile and flexible GRC platform that caters to your needs

Our agile compliance offering that comes pre-configured and aligned to industry best practices and can be quickly tailored to your needs and adapted along the way.

Easy-to-build, real-time reports at your fingertips
Easy-to-build, real-time reports at your fingertips

Gain a holistic view of all your policies, exception requests and attestations in one place via Aurora’s insightful data dashboards. Aurora lets you identify the policies with the least adherence and the most exception, so you always know exactly what risks to address.

Get back the time you spend on admin and training

Aurora’s intuitive platform is designed to reduce the time you spend on training and admin overhead and prioritizes user experience.


What frameworks and standards does Aurora support?

Aurora supports a range of frameworks and standards to support policy management, including:

ISO 27001 and 27002:2013
ISO 27001 and 27002:2013​
NIST 800-53
NIST 800-53

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