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The Challenge

Everton Football Club based in Liverpool is one of the 12 Founder Members of the Football League and spent more seasons in England’s top division than any other Club (115). In December 2017, Everton Football Club was seeking an automated solution to manage data and GDPR compliance software.

The scale and diversity of the data handled by Everton’s Data Protection team is extensive. Information on over 32,000 season ticket Members, a database of over 600,000 registered fans, as well as details on players, agents, suppliers, employees, and individuals associated with the Club’s Academy, its official charity Everton in the Community and the Everton Free School, is all held and processed centrally, and much of this information is highly sensitive. Everton Football Club requires extensive GDPR compliance software.

To help address this, the Club approached its long-standing risk mitigation advisor NCC Group to find a GDPR solution. NCC Group recommended the SureCloud GDPR Suite, delivered on the SureCloud platform. After SureCloud had successfully demonstrated the ability to provide full visibility for management and automation of GDPR processes across the organization, Everton selected the cloud-based suite of solutions…

Find out more about Everton’s journey towards GDPR compliance by downloading the full case study below.

Everton reduced the time taken to document their processing activities and data protection impact assessments by 75%. You too can complete you risk and compliance activities 3 times faster with SureCloud’s solutions rather than traditional spreadsheets.

The Solution

You can read the full story by downloading the case study below. 


Everton Football Club

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