Intelligently manage and scale your compliance operations

Looking to transform your operational efficiency and reduce costs? Continuous control monitoring (CCM) is your key to fully automated control testing and evidence collection.


We’re the only analyst-recognized GRC solution provider to offer a native CCM and GRC suite, meaning you can intelligently manage and scale your compliance operations – all in one central place. 


Aurora CCM goes beyond compliance to deliver real-time data driven insights to support you in proactively managing risk.


A more efficient way to comply

Controls testing made simple

If you work at a large organization, managing risks and maintaining a grasp on the current state of your controls can become a drain on time and resources as the list of regulations grows.


Fortunately, there’s a simpler way.


Aurora’s CCM automation tools dramatically reduce the time your organization spends testing your control configuration, preparing for certifications and auditing compliance – giving you more time to focus on other priorities.

Modernize Your GRC operations

Measurable outcomes

Seamlessly track your risk reduction and maturity uplift across your compliance programs.

Data-driven business and risk insights

Translate technical controls testing into meaningful business decisions.

maginfying glass
Be audit-ready – always

A forensically sound platform and customizable reporting means you can finally have confidence in your GRC data when demonstrating compliance.

Cut GRC costs

Maximise your resources and automate standardised tasks to get a clear picture of your controls ROI.

Proactively manage risk

Proactively monitor your critical controls and assets to ensure your organization’s crown jewels are protected.

Simplify your tech stack

Monitor your tech stack through Aurora’s effortless plug-and-play integrations.

Custom rule-building for every need

Aurora CCM comes with out-of-the-box controls tests aligned to industry best practices, making it easier to stay compliant with common standards and regulations. Controls tests are written in natural language so don’t worry – you don’t need to be a software engineer to customize tests and get a grip on your controls.

To solve today’s GRC challenges,
you have to really get them

A framework for every compliance use case

ISO 27001

Pre-built control sets for this information security management standard.

SOC 2 (Coming Soon)

Quickly establish compliance with this important standard for managing customer data.

CPRA (Coming Soon)

Implement controls to govern and track your CPRAA and other legal requirements.

PCI DSS (Coming Soon)

Implement and continuously monitor controls designed to safeguard card payments.

NIST 800-53 & 800-171
(Coming Soon)

Embedded content from the National Institute for Standards & Technology.

GDPR (Coming Soon)

Continuously manage and report on your compliance status.

Seamlessly integrate with your critical applications

Aurora comes with a range of plug-and-play integrations for your essential and strategic enterprise systems.

Cloud service providers

Instantly connect to the leading hyperscale CSPs, including Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Document Repositories

Aurora’s pre-built connectors enable automated checks into controls within services such as Box and Dropbox.

Project Management

Protect the data housed within the industry’s preferred project management tools.

HR solutions

Ensure appropriate configuration of your chosen Human Resources tool.

Asset Management

Integrate with asset management systems to identify and track assets associated with specific systems.

Software Development

Monitor code changes, detect vulnerabilities and ensure secure coding practices in real-time.

Identity and Access Management

Integrate with IAM solutions to correlate user access data with control compliance, ensuring only authorized users have access to critical systems and data.

Training and Awareness

Integrate CCM with training platforms to automatically track employee completion of security awareness and compliance training. Ensure staff engagement, timely training, and compliance while reducing manual tracking efforts.

Network Management

Automatically assess network security controls, detect anomalies, and ensure compliance with network policies.

Vulnerability Management

Integrate with vulnerability management tools to assess control effectiveness in mitigating known vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts.

Data Management

Merge CCM with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems to monitor data security controls. Automatically assess data handling practices, detect potential breaches, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Logging and Monitoring

Integrate with network monitoring tools to assess controls related to network security,so you can easily identify any anomalies and unauthorized access attempts.

Supplier Management

Integrate CCM with third-party management systems to monitor vendor compliance, such as SureCloud’s TPRM module.

Make informed decisions on risk and compliance spend

By integrating CCM with a GRC suite, you can achieve a holistic approach to risk management and compliance assurance in a way that streamlines your processes, reduces risk and minimizes errors. 

With Aurora’s customizable reporting and dashboarding tools, you can automatically calculate the effectiveness of your compliance program to get highly accurate ROI metrics. This means telling the story behind your data has never been easier – now you can confidently demonstrate to your business leaders how your solution has boosted compliance and saved on costs.

It’s time to look beyond
the horizon of GRC

Automate Your audit preparation

Aurora enables enterprises like yours to effortlessly test compliance with regulations and industry standards continuously, not just during periodic audits. You can also benchmark performance against similar organizations to see where you’re falling short.

Aurora integrates with key storage providers (e.g. Sharepoint) to automatically search and attach key policies and procedures to your controls records. With version control recognition, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve located and attached the latest version of a document for an audit – Aurora’s got you covered.




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