Threat & vulnerability management

Identify, manage and remediate your system-critical vulnerabilities

Reduce your effort while maximising your performance

most organizations, effectively identifying, then prioritizing and managing remediation for all system vulnerabilities can feel like an almost impossible task. This is why the technology you choose should be designed to help prioritize what is most critical to your organisation to minimize the pain, cost and time associated with vulnerability management.


With SureCloud’s Aurora  threat and vulnerability management software, you can:

  • Check icon Centralize and streamline your threat and vulnerability data.
  • Check icon Optimize the way your organization effectively remediates vulnerabilities.
  • Check icon Transform your processes and reporting in a single, powerful platform.
Threat & vulnerability management
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What current TPRM challenges
are you facing?
Is your organization facing these vulnerability management challenges?
  • Check icon-1 “It’s challenging for us to manage the volume of potential threats as software and systems evolve.”
  • Check icon “Manual processes mean we have problematic data siloes slowing us down.”
  • Check icon “Prioritizing vulnerabilities is difficult and time-consuming without the right visibility of data.”
  • Aurora’s vulnerability management software is designed to help you wave goodbye to these challenges for good.

Centralize and streamline your threat and vulnerability management processes

Simplify how you prioritize vulnerabilities

Aurora delivers a single, centralized view of your technology vulnerabilities with automated insights. With flexible, intuitive dashboards, prioritizing your vulnerabilities based on data has never been easier.

Centralize your data and streamline your processes

With Aurora, say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets and manual processes – the powerful platform consolidates all your vulnerability information and eliminates those problematic data siloes.

An agile and flexible GRC platform that caters to your needs

Aurora’s agile vulnerability management offering comes pre-configured and aligned to industry best practices. What’s more, it can be quickly tailored to your needs and adapted along the way – for GRC that adapts with you.

timr to value
Achieve time-to-value in weeks, not months

Slash configuration times and costs with Aurora’s pre-loaded, out-of-the-box features. With SureCloud’s in-house GRC professional services team there to manage your deployment, you can achieve value faster than you ever thought possible.

Boost user adoption and give your business users frictionless access –

Aurora’s intuitive platform is designed to reduce the time you spend on training and admin overhead, and prioritizes user experience.

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Want to learn more? Discover Aurora’s
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