Barratt Developments Selects SureCloud

The UK’s biggest housebuilder is now using SureCloud to simplify and manage its GDPR compliance obligations.

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The Challenge

Gareth Braithwaite, Group IT Director at Barratt Developments, commented:

Ahead of enforcement in May 2018 it was clear that our manual efforts to achieve GDPR compliance were not only resource-intensive, but also susceptible to a spreadsheet error.


Previously we used several systems in addition to spreadsheets, with duplicate information across all of them. We wanted to collate this into a single platform for greater efficiency, which we’ve now been able to achieve with SureCloud,” added Gareth.

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The Solution

Barratt selected the SureCloud GDPR Compliance Software Suite, which is delivered from SureCloud’s cloud-based enterprise GRC platform after the solution demonstrated its ability to provide full visibility for management and automation of GDPR processes across the organization.


The platform replaces the developer’s highly manual processes that required multiple systems, and enables simple real-time risk, incident and compliance management from a single dashboard.


SureCloud GDPR compliance software provides a simple, efficient system for all necessary steps and processes towards GDPR compliance.

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The Result

"SuRECLOUD'S SOLUTION allows us the single point of control that we require to enable efficient and effective management of our GDPR obligations.” - Gareth Braithwaite, Group IT Director at Barratt Developments