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The Challenge

Cybersecurity and the digital threat landscape is continually evolving, and with 80% of firms having seen an increase in cyberattacks in the last year (Fintech News), it’s important that businesses continuously adapt their programmes to mitigate these risks.

Equiom Group has always been proactive regarding cybersecurity, utilising a number of SureCloud’s CREST and NCSC CHECK accredited services since 2015. (Read the Equiom SureCloud case study on penetration testing, here). Furthermore, they understand the need to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape. As such, Equiom wanted to expand its cybersecurity programme and processes to improve their security posture further and take the next logical step in maximising its security programme by implementing more regular scans. 

With the business continuing to scale up, they found they did not have the tools or resources to run vulnerability scanning routinely and accurately in-house with their internal team. While the fully automated assessment scanning covered large suites of known vulnerabilities, there were limitations as there were high false-positive rates, and the actual vulnerability findings were not being contextualised and prioritised efficiently by the automated tools. Therefore, Equiom looked to SureCloud’s Vulnerability Assessment Solution, as they required a service that would provide them with the expert analysis and managed approach that traditional vulnerability scanning couldn’t offer them.

In 2020, Equiom implemented SureCloud’s Vulnerability Assessment solution. The Gartner-recognised platform combines the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of vulnerability management (including automated vulnerability scanning) with the precision and accuracy of cybersecurity consultants who help analyse, prioritise, and present the results. Crucially the expert cybersecurity consultants configure and manage the assessments which are run at an agreed frequency. The vulnerability scans are continually monitored, and when complete, SureCloud’s expert consultants then analyse and validate the results. Handing over this element of vulnerability assessment to the SureCloud CREST and NCSC CHECK accredited experts has allowed the Equiom team to focus entirely on the remediation of vulnerabilities within SureCloud’s technology platform.

The solution provides Equiom with clear vulnerability reports via their environment within the SureCloud platform, giving the organisation an additional layer of insight to its current cybersecurity posture through powerful real-time dashboards. Alongside these meaningful and serviceable reports, Equiom also receives invaluable top-line commentary from SureCloud’s expert team, summarising where the challenges are, where to prioritise their actions and where progress has been made. Combining this with the management of their penetration test outputs, closely integrated together within SureCloud, provides Equiom with a 360 view of their security posture. Accessing and managing the data is simply through the SureCloud’s powerful and intuitive user interface. Limited training was needed, and Equiom were operational within hours.

The Solution

You can download the full case study below and find out how SureCloud helped Equiom…


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