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The Challenge

1st Credit manages the debt portfolios, third party collections and ledger management for some of the UK’s leading companies and institutions. It is a highly regulated business, as Head of ICT Andrew Bover explains: “Our clients expect us to demonstrate a level of compliance with standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Data Protection Act and ISO27001. We’re taking payment from people who were,
or still are, their customers and, understandably, they need our assurance that we won’t put their brands at risk.”

1st Credit operates a call centre as part of its debt collection operation and this handles online payment from debtors. As such it is governed by the PCI DSS with rules for payment card data security management, policies, procedures, network architecture and software design.

The company is an award-winning debt collection agency which has won awards for compliance and as such understands the value in being able to demonstrate compliance with standards such as PCI-DSS. 1st Credit had previously achieved this with multiple solutions for different aspects of its information security. According to Andrew, each of these “did its own thing” but aggregating the information from each point to attain a complete picture at any one time was difficult.

He adds: “It wasn’t just the cost of paying for individual products that had an impact on our business; it was the overall total cost of ownership as a result of us having to manage different solutions and keep on top of the reporting requirements.”

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The Solution

You can read the full story by downloading the case study below. 


Customer Case Study 1st Credit

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