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The Challenge

Conosco is an IT and security consultancy, with over 15 years’ experience in providing managed IT services to clients across a range of verticals. Conosco delivers end-to-end IT solutions that go beyond the technology alone to encompass project delivery, support, IT security and consultancy services to add true business value.  Conosco CEO, Anders Reeves explained:  “Our aim is to always deliver best-of-breed security services to our clients.  So when it came to offering penetration tests for clients, we had no desire to establish our own services.  We wanted to differentiate ourselves by working with an independent, highly experienced partner that would truly put clients’ defenses and security awareness to the test, in the same way that an experienced hacker would. This would give our clients extra confidence in their overall cybersecurity posture, and enable them to keep their estates fully up-to-date against the latest threats.”

Choosing the Right Partner

Anders Reeves had worked with SureCloud at previous companies, and felt that SureCloud’s penetration testing services were “second to none”, finding faults and vulnerabilities that other testers were not able to. So in 2017, as he was establishing Conosco’s security division, he approached SureCloud to offer penetration testing as a partner to Conosco’s clients. SureCloud would form the team of attackers, to Conosco’s team of defenders. By delivering penetration testing services to Conosco’s clients, SureCloud would augment Conosco’s security offering, identifying vulnerabilities and security risks.  Conosco would then help the clients manage and mitigate those risks. Anders Reeves said:  “We feel the advantage of using an independent provider in SureCloud enables the process to be completely objective and transparent. This gives our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their security is being tested and affirmed by genuinely independent, expert testers.  In effect, SureCloud is holding our own cybersecurity services to account, giving customers unparalleled openness and honesty, and putting the interests of their business first.”

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