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The Challenge

Chelmsford City Council is committed to enabling its staff and residents to get things done quickly and efficiently using IT. The Council connects 800 users to the Public Services Network (PSN) to help them work together, reduce duplication and share resources with other public-sector organizations. Additionally, the Council provides Council Tax payment capability to Chelmsford’s 69,667 households through the Citizen Portal.

Like all local authorities in England and Wales, Chelmsford must adhere to Government Codes of Connection and maintain the level of security necessary to be allowed to participate in the PSN. Responsibility for maintaining PSN compliance and ensuring that the infrastructure remains secure falls to the Chelmsford City Council’s four infrastructure team members, this is where SureCloud’s Vulnerability Management solution provides the answer.

To manage this, the infrastructure team were previously relying on spreadsheet-based processes, having to gather information from multiple sources before collating it into a single document. This was not only inefficient, but it was also making it difficult to keep on top of reporting.

Caius Ajiz, Ops Lead, Chelmsford City Council, said: “We were having to delve into various different systems to find out where we stood. It involved a lot of manual processes and took a lot of time; we’d have multiple people constantly performing multiple tasks. We were using spreadsheets to keep track of these, and, as these were shared with various stakeholders, they tended to get buried in emails which proved very difficult to manage.”

Find out how SureCloud solved this issue by downloading the full case study.

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