SureCloud for the telecom industry

With the support of our SureCloud experts and innovative Aurora platform, your organization can tailor its GRC processes to the nature of your operations, the changing regulatory environment and a focus on uninterrupted service delivery.

Maintain trust and protect your organization’s reputation

Telecoms is one of the most heavily regulated industries globally.
Your organization must comply with a range of telecommunications regulations such as licensing, spectrum allocation and data protection. Fail to comply and you’ll be faced with a hefty fine – not to mention legal issues and a damaged reputation.

Aurora’s continuous control monitoring (CCM) functionality is your key to fully automated control testing and evidence collection. We’re the only analyst-recognized GRC solution provider to offer a native CCM and compliance suite – meaning you can intelligently manage and scale your compliance operations, all in one central place.


Data that’s safe and secure, always

Your organization handles vast amounts of personal and sensitive data including call records, SMS messages and internet traffic. Protecting this data is crucial to comply with data privacy regulations and maintain both trust and reputation.

Gain powerful, intuitive insights into the organization’s risk status and compliance management performance with Aurora – keeping your customers’ data safe and secure, always.


Grow your business, not your risks

As your organization grows, it typically adds more endpoints, increasing the surface for potential cyberattacks. So, how can you scale securely?

With real-time risk analytics, control monitoring and a single pane of reporting glass, Aurora keeps you proactive and one step ahead
of threat actors.


Elevate security. Accelerate growth.

In the telecoms industry, it’s essential your GRC software is designed for real-time insights into compliance and risk posture. With Aurora’s industry-first technology, you can transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs, all while staying secure, compliant and ready for the future.