SureCloud for the technology industry

Working in the technology industry means there’s no time to stand still. With a rapidly shifting landscape, changing standards and new requirements, staying ahead means being forward-thinking, data-informed and efficient.

Whether it’s streamlining your third-party vendor risk processes, automating compliance processes or managing risk in an interconnected ecosystem, SureCloud’s Aurora platform puts you in control.

Grow your business, not your risks

As your organization grows, it typically adds more endpoints, increasing the surface for potential cyberattacks. So, how can you scale securely?

With real-time risk analytics, control monitoring and a single pane of reporting glass, Aurora keeps you proactive and one step ahead of threat actors.


Transform compliance into competitive advantage

Compliance takes time, but done proactively it can give you a powerful competitive advantage.

Dramatically reduce the time spent testing your control configuration and auditing compliance with Aurora’s continuous control monitoring (CCM) functionality. With custom rule-building, you can intelligently manage and scale your compliance operations to your organization’s exact needs.


Inspire trust and secure
your organization’s business relationships

Elevate your business with Aurora, designed for today's interconnected business landscape. Streamline your vendor risk processes with automated risk assessments, enhance transparency, protect your company's reputation, and ensure effortless regulatory compliance – all in one central platform.

Third Party Risk Matrix

Elevate security. Accelerate growth.

The technology sector is a fast-evolving, exciting industry to be part of, but it’s essential your GRC software is designed for real-time insights into compliance and risk posture. With Aurora’s out-of-the-box automation capabilities, you can transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs, all while staying secure, compliant and ready for the future.