SureCloud for the retail industry

In the hustle and bustle of retail, it’s not just about making sales – you should also be consistently mitigating risks, maintaining security, ensuring compliance if you want to survive. Fortunately, SureCloud’s Aurora platform has you covered.

Maximize growth, not your risks

In retail, you need to be ready for risks in various forms – whether that’s cybersecurity risks in e-commerce or supply chain disruptions. It’s time to move away from manual, non-specialist solutions like Excel to a achieve a centralized, intuitive view of enterprise risk. Aurora provides user-friendly dashboards which allow you to identify, assess and manage risks across your organization. 


What’s more, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need for risk modelling, scenario analysis, and monitoring – so you can proactively manage and respond to these risks.


Transform compliance into your competitive advantage

Retail companies who can demonstrate commitment to compliance are companies that customers can trust. Aurora helps ensure your business operations, marketing practices, and customer interactions align with legal requirements such as the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and PCI DSS.


With Aurora’s continuous control monitoring (CCM) capabilities, you can dramatically reduce the time and effort your organization spends testing your control configuration, preparing for certifications and auditing compliance – so you’re safe from the risk of fines and penalties with minimal fuss.


Build trust and confidence in your third-party relationships

Third-party risk management is essential for safeguarding customer data, ensuring operational continuity, complying with regulations, and protecting the overall reputation of the business.


Aurora’s third-party risk management solution enables you to proactively manage risks, including cybersecurity threats, compliance challenges, and operational disruptions, providing real-time insights for informed decision-making. Streamline your vendor risk processes with automated risk assessments, enhance transparency and ensure effortless regulatory compliance – all in one central platform. 

Third Party Risk Matrix

Elevate security. Accelerate growth.

To protect your customers from risk, it’s essential that you proactively take care of your own risk too. With Aurora’s out-of-the-box automation capabilities, you can transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs, all while staying secure, compliant and ready for the future.