SureCloud for the oil & gas industries

Fuel your compliance and risk management in a highly sensitive environment.

Compliance for a safety-first approach

When you’re operating in a highly sensitive and vulnerable environment, compliance is no longer just a regulatory tickbox, but a crucial element of your operations to ensure safety, quality and sustainability. With SureCloud’s Aurora platform you can efficiently monitor and test compliance against any regulation, standard, and framework – and quickly demonstrate this compliance to key individuals. With the help of automation, you can instantly identify compliance gaps and jump into action.


Get a handle on your risks (so no nasty accidents)

In the oil and gas sector, you’re operating in a high-risk environment, with a myriad of potential risks related to safety, environmental impact, geopolitical issues, and market fluctuations. Aurora is a “one-stop shop” platform that equips you with the tools you need for risk modelling, scenario analysis and monitoring – so you can proactively manage and respond to these risks.


It’s time to move away from siloed and de-centralized risk solutions and tools. Aurora is an integrated risk management platform with intuitive view and consolidation, allowing different risks to feed into your enterprise risk umbrella.


Establish confidence in your third-party relationships

Oil and gas companies like yours often engage in complex contracts and you likely rely on numerous vendors and contractors. This brings increasingly complex challenges in managing these relationships effectively. Proactively manage risks with Aurora’s real-time insights – your key to making data-informed decisions. Get at-a-glance visualizations of your third-party risk landscape and automatically identify areas of risk and non-conformities within your third-party dependent processes and operations.


What’s more, you can automate the initial risk and tier assessment of your vendors, so you can identify your business-critical vendor relationships – as well as conduct third-party risk assessments with ease.

Third Party Risk Matrix

Elevate security. Accelerate growth.

Oil and gas are complex and highly-regulated industries to be a part of, so it’s essential your GRC framework and processes are all integrated into a single platform. SureCloud’s Aurora offers the integrated management of all your risk and compliance activities with the help of automation. The result? You can transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs – all while staying secure, compliant and ready for the future.