SureCloud for the insurance industry

As a professional in the insurance industry, you know all too well how important it is to protect your customers against risk. But to do that, it’s critical that you effectively identify and mitigate cyber risk, operational risk, and compliance risk in your own organization.

Communicate the real impact 
of organizational risk

In the dynamic threat environment of the insurance sector, are you prioritizing and addressing the right risks? 
With Aurora, you can proactively manage and minimise potential threats and uncertainties that could impact operations – all thanks to automated assessments with scheduling and notifications. It’s time to move away from manual, non-specialist solutions like Excel and start achieving a centralized, intuitive view of enterprise risk. Aurora’s user-friendly dashboards allow you to identify, assess and manage risks across your organization – quickly and easily.  


Transform your compliance 
from reactive to proactive

As an information security professional in insurance, your organization will be heavily regulated and you’ll need to regularly report on compliance. With Aurora’s continuous control monitoring (CCM) capabilities, you can dramatically reduce the time your organization spends testing your control configuration, preparing for certifications and auditing compliance – giving you more time to focus on other priorities. 


Assess and manage your
 third-party risks

Assess and manage the cybersecurity and compliance risks associated with third-party vendors, including underwriters and claims processors. 

Aurora’s third-party risk management solution enables you to proactively manage risks, including cybersecurity threats, compliance challenges, and operational disruptions, providing real-time insights for informed decision-making. Streamline your vendor risk processes with automated risk assessments, enhance transparency, protect your company's reputation, and ensure effortless regulatory compliance – all in one central platform. 


Elevate security. Accelerate growth.

To protect your customers from risk, it’s essential that you proactively take care of your own risk too. With Aurora’s industry-first technology, you can transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs, all while staying secure, compliant and ready for the future.