SureCloud for healthcare and pharma

To take care of the people you serve, you need to take care of your governance, risk and compliance – it’s the key to being seen as someone they can trust. 


Streamline, automate and integrate your processes with SureCloud’s Aurora platform, for a healthier approach to GRC. 

Protect your data, protect your people

Whether you’re safeguarding patients’ data from breaches and unauthorized access or protecting the confidentiality and integrity of clinical trial data, data privacy is critical.


Aurora's data privacy management solution helps you understand and manage how and where data is used in your organization. By ensuring you fully adhere to the right data privacy processes, Aurora is a stress-free way to minimise the risk of data breaches and reputational damage – meaning people can trust that their data is safe with you, always.  

data privacy_shots

Take the headache out of compliance

As an information security professional in insurance, your organization will be heavily regulated and you’ll need to regularly report on compliance. With Aurora’s continuous control monitoring (CCM) capabilities, you can dramatically reduce the time your organization spends testing your control configuration, preparing for certifications and auditing compliance – giving you more time to focus on other priorities. 



Stay one step ahead of threat actors

Safety and security is paramount, which means you need to be prepared to identify risks early and mitigate them appropriately. Identify, monitor and mitigate risks related to patient safety, clinical outcomes and information security with Aurora – built to give you total visibility and control.  


With real-time risk analytics, control monitoring and a single pane of reporting glass, Aurora keeps you proactive and one step ahead of threat actors. 


Elevate security. Accelerate growth.

To protect your patients from risk, it’s essential that you proactively take care of your organization’s risk too. With Aurora’s out-of-the-box automation capabilities, you can transform your efficiency and dramatically reduce your operating costs, all while staying secure, compliant and ready for the future.