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  • How do you gain visibility into the current status of your privacy program and track the progress of the various workstreams?
  • How do you track and document your program without resorting to using many isolated Word or Excel (or similar) documents which themselves cause significant pain and complexity?
  • How do you coordinate compliance activities across your many stakeholders?



SureCloud has a suite of Data Privacy Management solutions to aid your privacy compliance journey. From building program foundations in data and process mapping to developing workflows around Subject Access Requests, Data Transfers, DPIA’s and everything in between, SureCloud can support you as you mature your privacy program.


Our innovative program tracker gives you a rolled-up view of the entire compliance program, allowing you to focus on areas that need attention, as well as provide status reporting to those that need it. Seamless integration and data sharing across the wider SureCloud portfolio also means that truly integrated data privacy and risk management is finally within reach.


Learn more about our Data Privacy Management services here.

Download and read the full datasheet at the bottom of the page. 


Data Privacy Management

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