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At SureCloud, we understand the challenges of achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. Our Applications are designed to facilitate these processes. SureCloud GDPR Program Tracker is the start to your GDPR compliance journey and the SureCloud ISMS Suite helps you attain and maintain ISO 27001 certification.

SureCloud GDPR Program Tracker

SureCloud GDPR Program Tracker starts your compliance journey. One of six cloud-based applications that make up the SureCloud GDPR Suite, the tracker takes an intelligent risk-based approach to help clarify and prioritize implementation activities as your GDPR program evolves.

You can use this application to implement the regulation, then follow with SureCloud Compliance Manager once practice becomes business-as-usual. The tracker maps data, supporting organization-wide gap analysis per location or business unit as required, with aggregation of current compliance status across projects. This means you can undertake multiple assessments at various stages of the program, for time-based reporting.

Because the tracker is role-based, only the GDPR articles relating to your organization’s role as a Data Controller or Processor need to be assessed. It’s also risk-focused, highlighting articles with a revenue fine of €10m or 2% or €20m or 4% so you can prioritize your implementation activities by risk.

The reporting grid allows you to view risk and compliance for the entire regulation on a single screen. The program development lets you assign and monitor improvement activities to individuals and teams, with automated email notifications driving facilitation.

SureCloud ISMS Suite

The SureCloud Information Security Management System (ISMS) Suite automates and simplifies the ISO 27001 certification journey and uses the powerful SureCloud Platform to create a single access point to centralize administration, with in-depth insights. The suite features eight applications:

  • SureCloud ISMS Controls – objectives, roles and responsibilities, performance metrics, statement of applicability
  • SureCloud Information Asset Manager – standards and regulations, operational controls
  • SureCloud Risk Manager – threat profiling, risk assessment and risk treatment
  • SureCloud Audit Manager – annual plans and audit findings
  • SureCloud Incident Manager – escalation and notification severity assessment
  • SureCloud Policy Manager – version control, employee training
  • SureCloud Compliance Manager – data mapping sensitivity assessments
  • SureCloud Business Continuity Manager – BC & DR plans test logs

Overall, the ISMS suite helps you eliminate the uncertainty and mystery of how to gain and sustain compliance and certification. You can coordinate all activity and documentation via the SureCloud Platform, and benefit from live auto updates, which are pervasive through the SureCloud Platform and the suite.

You can also simplify and expedite reports for senior management and others, reducing auditing time and making it easier for internal and external auditors to do their jobs. The suite also reduces the administrative burden of ongoing compliance and certification.

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