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The search is on to find the security champions of 2018 as Computing Security Awards announces this years’ nominees. We are proud to say that our Pentest-as-a-Service offering is shortlisted for “Pen Testing Solution of the Year”.


How to vote for us:

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2018 Computing Security Awards

The prestigious awards recognize individuals, organizations, and products that are best-of-breed, working tirelessly to keep customers’ operations safe, productive and always ahead of the game.

Unlike some awards that require you to complete a detailed submission of your entry, finalists of the Computing Security Awards are nominated and decided based on votes cast. Voting closes on 2 October, with the winners announced at a glittering ceremony on 11 October.


What makes Pentest-as-a-Service the best offering?

We are biased, but we truly believe that Pentest-as-a-Service provides the best penetration testing experience for your organization. Unlike other providers in the market, it offers a modern subscription-based engagement that goes far beyond simply delivering the pen testing services and PDF report. Expert delivery from a dedicated cybersecurity team, Pentest-as-a-Service is underpinned by the SureCloud platform, which provides:

  • Workflow to support end-to-end test engagement
  • Consistent vulnerability management process across manual and automated testing
  • On-demand access to world-class cybersecurity consultants for advice
  • Trend analysis and operational reporting – graphical and tabular
  • Feeds from 3rd party vulnerability scanning solutions
  • Integration with 3rd party helpdesk solutions
  • Potential to provide context to technical risk by integrating with IT Risk Management applications


The limits of basic penetration testing

Vulnerabilities exist in every IT system, and for business-critical applications, the impact of an attack could be catastrophic, even business-ending. Often, these incidents are the result of a vulnerability that could be identified in a penetration test.


However, treating your penetration testing as a standalone exercise can’t protect your organization. The resulting static report only provides a snapshot of any vulnerabilities in your systems at a specific moment in time. It doesn’t show the full, ongoing picture, and it’s impossible for you to derive any value from it to feed back into your organization.


Some providers offer continuous penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. But making sense of all the data and managing remediation from the numerous static reports can quickly turn into a nightmare, involving significant time, resource and manual effort to manage.


Focusing on remediation is the key to success

Imagine if you had access to a platform with visibility and oversight of all testing projects, including historic ones. Now imagine you can manage remediation, allocate tasks, and trend and track progress via dashboards. And what if you had full access to a market-leading cybersecurity team – what does penetration testing mean for your organization now?


Through Pentest-as-a-Service you get all this and more:

  • Support your team: we come in where your work starts: the remediation phase. Use it to simply manage your vulnerabilities, findings and remediation actions post-project delivery.
  • Access dynamic information: view real-time status of all the vulnerabilities across your organization from a single dashboard and focus on what really matters.
  • Empower your team: incorporate your historical data to build trend analysis and identify remediation steps quickly. As well as benchmarking your organization.
  • Simple reporting with no effort: run the reports you need and start inputting the remediation steps and controls required to protect your organization.
  • Leverage our expertise: as a subscription-based service you have access to our cybersecurity experts any time for best-practice advice and recommendations.


Vote now for Pentest-as-a-Service

“Organizations are continually trying to improve their security posture but often struggle with the pain of managing remediation from static documents, such as traditional PDF-based penetration testing reports. Winning ‘Pen Testing Solution of the Year’ would be recognition that the industry is tired of going along with how things have always been done and are ready to change to better protect themselves in today’s threat landscape.”

Luke Potter, Cybersecurity Practice Director



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