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SureCloud’s Senior Director of Cybersecurity, Luke Potter, featured on BBC One’s The One Show on Wednesday 10th June, helping demonstrate just how easy it can be for scammers and criminals to make spoof calls pretending to be from the NHS. This is a particularly prevalent issue at the moment, as criminals have the perfect vehicle for scams with the global COVID-19 pandemic and are targeting testing and contact tracing apps.

To showcase the ease of which number spoofing can be done, the episode saw Presenter Matt Allwright host Luke Potter from SureCloud in his home garage, in line with current social distancing measures. Matt simply gave Luke his phone number then, just minutes later, Matt received a phone call which appeared to be from the well-advertised NHS number – 0300 013 5000 – however, it was SureCloud making the spoof phone call.

Number spoofing was also demonstrated through text messages, when Nicky Fox received a text message about contact tracing information, which again appeared to have come from a trusted NHS number. This text message also included a link claiming to contain more information from the NHS, which Luke explained could be a malicious link from a hacker if this was a real case of number spoofing.

This all serves to highlight the fact that despite a checklist being provided by the government to ensure you don’t get scammed, it isn’t a failproof list, as it advises you should expect to hear from the NHS test and trace numbers that are easily imitated, so people need to be extra vigilant. Contract tracing technology has the potential to be extremely helpful in the current situation, but it is important people are aware of the scammers that are taking advantage of it.

Commenting on the issue of number spoofing, Luke Potter says:

“Unfortunately, it’s commonplace for fraudsters to pose as representatives of organisations like the NHS to gain access to sensitive data. People should never give out any personal information in response to an incoming call. It’s always best to be cautious, even if it looks like it’s from a trusted source.”

Watch the cybersecurity segment here on BBC iPlayer.

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Luke oversees SureCloud Cybersecurity Solutions. He also manages our Secure Private Cloud. Luke is a recognized cyber security expert. He is a CHECK team leader, Tiger Scheme senior security tester, ISO 27001 lead auditor and Microsoft Certified enterprise administrator. Previously, Luke managed the IT team at a large UK insurance brokerage.

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