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SureCloud, a provider of cloud-based, Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions has launched its new Compliance Management solution which enables organisations to achieve centralised monitoring and reporting on all compliance obligations. Within this blog, we discuss how our new Compliance Management solution takes organisational compliance programs to the next level. 

What does SureCloud’s Compliance Management Solution provide?

The solution provides a simple out-of-the-box risk management control framework for practitioners and newcomers, enabling them to;

  • Monitor and test compliance against any regulation, standard and framework
  • Obtain greater visibility of their compliance program
  • Capture information from various stakeholders easily and effectively

The software also helps compliance teams save time by providing a centralised control library that is pre-populated and mapped with hundreds of standards and regulations.

Compliance professionals can effectively delegate routine compliance tasks; people are assigned ownership to assess the design and operating effectiveness, and self-assess the maturity of controls, allowing compliance professionals to identify and resolve any non-conformities. An organisation’s compliance program and its level of compliance can also be tracked in real-time through live dashboard charts and reports within the cloud-based compliance solution.

What’s included in SureCloud’s Compliance Management Solution?

SureCloud’s new Compliance Management Solution offers a range of enhanced automation and streamlining capabilities to help you improve your risk management, including:

  • Automated and Manual Indicators record manual and automatic indicators and define threshold with automated business logic to conduct continuous monitoring, collecting and aggregating data on a given frequency.
  • Mapped Controls Integration (SCF) – Pre-loaded, rationalised control library provided by Secure Control Framework (SCF). The free to use library includes over 850 controls across 33 control domains, which are pre-mapped and baselined to 150+ IT regulations and standards.
  • Control Version Management organisations adopting the SCF framework or frameworks supported by SureCloud will be able to take advantage of automatic updates to changes in the content and accept and reject changes to the controls.
  • Control Testing – define testing procedure and conduct; design test, operating tests and control self-assessment and identify any non-conformities and control gaps.
  • IT Asset Control Assessment – question-based, risk assessments on IT assets using an organisation’s own questions or any of the questions mapped to regulations and standards.
  • Enhanced Compliance Control Managementallowing users to document master controls in the control library, then automatically create operational copies of the controls against a given context, such as IT Assets, Processes and Organisational Structure.
  • Regulatory & Control Change Management organisations, can manage updates to the controls by updating the master control and pushing out updates to associated controls then track the adoption of the updates.

Speaking on the launch, Alex Brown, VP of Product at SureCloud said:

“SureCloud is dedicated to making regulatory compliance, risk management and cybersecurity as streamlined and straightforward as possible. SureCloud Compliance solution is a flexible, pre-configured and aligned to industry best practices. It offers intuitive reporting and dashboard capability, which allows you to see data in real-time and make informed business decisions.

Many organisations manage their compliance processes using disparate tools like spreadsheets, where centralised management and reporting on compliance activity is often unachievable. Our latest Compliance solution allows organisations to move away from this time and resource-heavy process, transforming their compliance program into a streamlined and effortless operation with true automation supplied by SureCloud.”

“It is refreshing to see how SureCloud has developed a compliance management solution that consumes these controls in an exceptionally well thought out manner, giving equal consideration to deployment and control management.”

Tom Cornelius – Founder & Contributor of Secure Control Framework

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About SureCloud  

SureCloud is a provider of cloud-based, Integrated Risk Management (IRM) products, Cybersecurity and Risk Advisory services, which reinvent the way you manage risk. SureCloud connects the dots with IRM solutions enabling you to make better decisions and achieve your desired business outcomes. SureCloud is underpinned by a highly configurable technology platform, which is simple, intuitive and flexible. Unlike other GRC Platform providers, SureCloud is adaptable enough to fit your current business processes without forcing you to make concessions during implementation; meaning you get immediate and sustained value from the outset.

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