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GRC Practice Director, Alex Hollis, presented the Webinar: How to Integrate Business Risk and IT Risk on the 27th November.

Many Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) projects fail because they’re deployed to support a specific compliance need or to meet the requirements of a specific department. But organizations that take an integrated approach in these areas can have more joined-up, in-depth internal conversations about risk management.

To show how this can be solved our GRC Practice Director Alex Hollis presented a webinar demonstrating how you can bring together the often siloed areas of Business Risk and IT Risk. Using the infographic below, Alex will discussed how taking an integrated risk management (IRM) approach and connecting EGRC and IT GRC allows you to break down the barriers and implement a centralized system that works across both of these business functions.

We have decided to break down the graphic into bite-size blogs giving you an in-depth analysis into Integrating Business Risk and IT Risk. Follow along on this 8 part series to broaden your understanding on bridging the gap between EGRC and ITGRC…

You can find the start of the series here. 

Watch the webinar here:

Read ‘Achieve Next Level Compliance with Integrated Risk Management’

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