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If you use business analytics, it makes sense to incorporate your SureCloud data into the relevant platforms. Although our SureCloud GRC platform already offers detailed enterprise reporting, we now offer you a way to easily integrate that data with other external datasets across your business.

Say hello to Resource Links. Part of our SureCloud GRC platform, Resource Links is our new information delivery system where you can pull your SureCloud data into your favorite business analytics platforms or intelligence tools. This sets up a dynamic, real-time connection between your SureCloud interface and the platform of your choice, for example, Power BI, Excel, Tableau, Domo or others.

Robust, secure and up-to-date

Totally secure and robust, the connection’s web-based delivery system brings you up-to-date information for dashboarding, reporting or for further analysis. From here, you can start integrating your datasets however you like, secure in the knowledge that SureCloud will always present the latest and greatest data set.

It’s really easy to set up. Resources Links within your GRC platform. Select your dashboard portlet, select the Resource Link option and then the length of time you’d like the link to be active, and away you go. It’s worth noting that the updates are one-way only from SureCloud – so updates made within the external application won’t automatically update on SureCloud, but updates in SureCloud will be pushed out to the intelligence tools.

You’ll find the Resource Links option on any portlet on any dashboard within the GRC platform. Happy linking!

About SureCloud

SureCloud is a provider of cloud-based, integrated Risk Management products and Cybersecurity services, which reinvent the way you manage risk. SureCloud is underpinned by a highly configurable GRC platform, which is simple, intuitive and flexible. Unlike other GRC Platform providers, SureCloud is adaptable enough to fit your current business processes without forcing you to make concessions during implementation; meaning you get immediate and sustained value from the outset.

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