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Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) are all critical components that must be managed effectively when it comes to running a successful business. Together, they provide a rock-solid foundation for businesses to develop and manage risk and compliance at any stage in their growth. Strong governance will make it easier for a business to achieve its objectives, effective risk management leads to better decision-making, and a comprehensive compliance program will ensure a business operates within the laws and regulations that govern the industry. Businesses that have a robust GRC solution-focused program and processes underpinned by a flexible and scalable technology are more resilient and adaptable to the ever-changing environment.

Given the importance of GRC, it’s hardly surprising that businesses invest significant time in finding a solution that works and ‘clicks’ with their organization. That’s because there’s more to Governance, Risk, and Compliance than form and function. While a GRC platform might tick all of the boxes in terms of what it can do, it won’t matter much if the user experience is broken and the software is difficult to use. That’s where usability and the user interface (UI) comes in, and it’s something that too many businesses overlook during their decision-making process.

Why is intuitive UI important to GRC?

User expectations – Good software design is like the musical score that underpins a film. You barely notice it when it’s doing its job well. All of us are surrounded by brilliant designs and user interfaces, both in our professional and personal lives. Our smartphones are filled with excellent UI tweaks, allowing us to get the information we want in the fewest number of taps or swipes, sometimes even predicting what information we’ll need to save us the hassle of looking for it.

Your GRC solution should work in the same way. It should be dynamic and contextual, presenting staff and suppliers with the information they’re most likely to need the second they log-in. Dashboards should be fully configurable, empowering users to decide for themselves what’s relevant and what’s not, saving them the hassle of clicking through several menus to get what they need. Organizations want their employees, partners and third parties to ensure they make full use of their chosen GRC platform to deliver on the value-based outcomes and gain a positive ROI from the tool. But why is UI still so often overlooked when businesses shop around for a GRC platform?



Why UI is easy to overlook for GRC platforms?

User interface is not a category you’d expect to see in a request for proposal (RFP) document. It’s far more likely to contain very detailed information about fields and functionality, which the people making the decision on investing in a GRC solution are going to be far more interested in. Typically, the people buying the GRC solution are rarely the ones who will be logging in and using it on a daily basis, so they don’t often consider things like UI or the user experience. They simply see GRC as a list of functions that need to be carried out. But what organizations should understand is that their GRC program is likely to be much stronger if the software they choose is easy to use. In other words, if they want their staff to utilize GRC functions to their fullest potential, they need to remove all friction, and that includes a poor user interface.

What can businesses do?

To avoid the many pitfalls of having an outdated GRC system that users struggle to work with, businesses should start focusing not only on the functionality of the tool, but also on the useability of it. When drafting an RFP for a new GRC suite, brainstorm criteria around useability and simplicity to get each vendor’s input. Doing so will avoid user fatigue and complex training, preserve supplier relationships.

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SureCloud is a provider of cloud-based, Integrated Risk Management products and Cybersecurity services, which reinvent the way you manage risk. SureCloud connects the dots with Integrated Risk Management solutions enabling you to make better decisions and achieve your desired business outcomes. SureCloud is underpinned by a highly configurable technology platform, which is simple, intuitive and flexible. Unlike other GRC Platform providers, SureCloud is adaptable enough to fit your current business processes without forcing you to make concessions during implementation; meaning you get immediate and sustained value from the outset. SureCloud has been recognized in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management Solutions. 

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