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Nick Rafferty, SureCloud’s COO and Co-Founder , provides his thoughts on how organisations can best assess their cybersecurity posture when moving to the ‘new normal,’ post COVID-19, after imposed remote working.


Changing workplace habits mean a changing threat landscape

Recent events have forced businesses across the globe to change the way in which they work, with many organizations having to adopt remote working practices in a critically short period of time.

Rather than the gradual, cautious approach most businesses would have preferred to adopt, the majority were forced to jump in at the deep end with new remote working policies in order to maintain their business operations.

Understandably, this rapid shift to remote working meant that the usual cybersecurity assessments and precautions didn’t occur, which has inevitably led to potential compromises. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this and exploiting the IT vulnerabilities associated with the rapid adoption of large-scale remote working to carry out increased attacks. According to Info Security Magazine, “online threats have risen by as much as six times their usual levels over the past four weeks.”

Not just a short-term fix

Whilst the priority at the start of the pandemic was to keep things running as best as possible, it is important that organisations recognise that this isn’t a case of plugging the gap until things return to ‘normal’. In fact, what was a strange, new way of working a few months ago, will most likely become the ‘new normal’ for many going forward.

While remote working brings a host of benefits even beyond this pandemic, it can also bring a range of new business risks that impact people, processes, and technology. It is therefore crucial that organisations take stock of their new risk and security posture, learn lessons from imposed remote working, and implement a plan to ensure their cyber resilience moving forward.

The 3-step approach to assessing your remote working cybersecurity

The best way to address your cybersecurity posture and successfully enter the new era of remote working is through adopting a three-stage approach.

First of all, organizations need to undertake a response analysis to review and reflect on what occurred from their rapid move to remote working.

The second step is to carry out an assessment of the new security and risk posture, considering factors such as radically changed perimeter security and data leakage potential. It’s inevitable that some elements in the transition to remote working don’t go to plan, or the assessment might highlight some alarming risk factors, but rather than burying your head in the sand, you should see this as an opportunity to improve and move forward confidently.

Finally, based on outputs from the first two phases, a clear plan can be produced to stabilize and secure your business considering new and emerging threats.

SureCloud’s Cyber Resilience Assessment Solution

SureCloud’s Cyber Resilience Assessment (CRA) solution provides security assurance for organizations transitioning to ‘the new normal’ of remote working by allowing you to effortlessly carry out this three-stage analysis.

This is complemented by our phishing simulation and remote vulnerability assessment tools. We also provide useful remote working cybersecurity guides, including best practices, a checklist of security considerations, and security clinics with our expert security consultants. These features, along with access to dynamic reporting using SureCloud’s Gartner recognized platform, mean the Cyber Resilience Assessment solution is an effective way to help your business to validate its cyber resilience, as well as stabilize business operations.


Preparing for the future

For the majority of businesses, now that the disruption of the initial transition to remote working has passed, it is time to start planning for the future. The emphasis at the start of this period was simply to keep the lights on, but in order to avoid falling behind, or even worse, falling victim to a cyberattack, we’ve got to start thinking about the long-term. Including, what your policies and plans are when moving back into the office.

To learn more about our Cyber Resilience Assessment tool, click here.

Webinar with CREST President to discuss the New Normal and Beyond…

Check out our fireside virtual conversation on how to ‘Secure Your Cyber Baseline For The New Normal’ with Ian Glover (CREST) and our Risk Advisory Practice Director.

Key takeaways:

  1. ‘Top ten’ return to work tips including establishing new ways of working
  2. Advice on how to secure a new cyber baseline following a crisis
  3. Guidance for defining a resilient cyber strategy

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