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You may be implementing SureCloud’s GRC software to support your ways of working for the first time, or upgrading your suite of applications, our product services are here to get you up and running as quick and effectively as possible.

 “We have a great product service team in our Innovation Centre, that offers amazing support to our clients – sometimes going the extra mile in order to exceed expectations. But from a client’s perspective, they know we’re going to take care of their project and do what it takes to deliver great service and the best result.”

Senior GRC Consultant

How we can help


The implementations team work closely with clients to solve their complex business problems by delivering SureCloud’s innovative technology solutions.


The training team teach your end users why the solution is important to them and how they can directly benefit.


The customer success team provide support to assist with our clients issues and ensuring the value provided by SureCloud justifies investment made by our entire client base.

Jumpstart your GRC implementation journey by using SureCloud Accelerate.

SureCloud Accelerate is a fixed price GRC implementation service, based on industry best practices aimed to hit the majority of your requirements as standard.

Read more about Accelerate: GRC Implementation Services for quicker time to value

As a leading GRC provider, we understand the difference a good implementation program makes to any risk management project. Our GRC implementation team combines dedicated program managers, a rigorous and proven process with experienced GRC consultants to provide a seamless integration and implementation of our GRC software solutions to your end-users.

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Take the burden out of maintaining your GRC system by using SureCloud Assist Services.

SureCloud Assist reduces the time and cost of supporting your GRC solution by taking away the need to have dedicated people to manage the day-to-day administration and to make configuration changes. Allowing you to fully out-source your GRC application administration.

Read more about Assist: GRC Support Services for Admin & Configuration

Our customer success agents are all GRC consultants who have spent time delivering implementations, so they know how to diagnose, investigate and fix problems. In addition to answering queries, we also actively look for opportunities to improve our online knowledge center with new GRC support documentation to boost user adoption.

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Our GRC software training puts our GRC products into context for you, by teaching your end users why the solution is important to them and how they can directly benefit. We can train groups of users or your in-house trainers, our workshops can be presentation-led or computer-based learning.

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