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Manage your compliance obligations easily

SureCloud has a suite of Data Privacy Management solutions to aid your privacy compliance journey. From building program foundations in data and process mapping to managing Subject Access Requests, Data Transfers, DPIA’s and everything in between, SureCloud can support your business as you mature your privacy program.

Integrate data privacy and risk management effectively

Our innovative data privacy management platform gives you a rolled-up view of the entire privacy program, allowing you to focus on areas that need attention, as well as provide status reporting to those that need it. Seamless integration and data sharing across the wider SureCloud Platform means that truly integrated data privacy and risk management is finally within reach.

Download the Data Privacy datasheet here. 

SureCloud’s Data Privacy Management solutions:


Gain visibility into the current status of your privacy program and track progress.


Avoid the pain of managing multiple spreadsheets and other documents when documenting and tracking your privacy program.


Coordinate privacy compliance activities across your multiple many stakeholders.

Non-compliance and improvement activities can be identified. Actions are then created and assigned to users in the business on the SureCloud platform. Single to do lists for each individual can provides regular update notifications.

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SureCloud’s GDPR Discovery data inventory solution allows you to kick-start your data gathering exercise through a simple set of questions, which can either be disseminated to functional heads via a questionnaire or completed in a workshop environment. The questions are designed to capture key data inventory elements, such as business processes, information assets, and systems.

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SureCloud’s GDPR Management software helps you facilitate the creation, distribution, and management of DPIA’s, collect and manage Subject Access Requests, document your Article 30 records of processing activities as well as track the transfers of data within your organisation.

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SureCloud’s Information Asset Management system provides organizations with a common understanding of what physical and electronic data they hold, where it is physically stored and their respective levels of data sensitivity and classification.

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Identify, assess and manage risks of all types across divisions, legal entities, business functions, and geographies.

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Centrally monitor, manage and measure every aspect of your compliance program from framework definition and regulation mapping, control management, rollout, and updates.

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SureCloud’s Incident Management software centralizes, automates and simplifies incident management by providing a framework for tracking context, consistency and continuous improvement to the process of handing incidents.

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Assess and review all your IT third party vendors for potential risks. 

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SureCloud’s Vulnerability Management tools provides a central repository for all your vulnerability data, which includes direct feeds from many vulnerability scanning tools (including vulnerability scan scheduling) and supports penetration test data upload. Vulnerabilities can be linked to information assets and business processes, allowing your team to focus remediation efforts on the highest areas risk.

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