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Scenario-led cyber-security testing

SureCloud’s Red-Team cyber-attack simulation service uses real-world scenarios, threat intelligence, and a combination of physical, network, and social attack vectors to help identify where your organisation may be vulnerable.

Bespoke attacks, tailored to your business

The scope of the Red-Team simulated attack service focuses upon your organisation’s critical assets and primary risk concerns as part of the engagement objectives to create a real-world scenario-based assessment.

Gain a greater understanding

SureCloud’s Red-Team simulated cyber-attacks are designed to reduce uncertainty around how a targeted and realistic cyberattack would impact your organisation, and to provide a greater understanding of how the mitigations and active defenses perform.

Create your line of defense

Your organisation can use this engagement to train defensive capabilities in face of real world advanced and persistent threats. As well as identify weaknesses in controls and capabilities, including physical controls, staff awareness and incident responses, processes and procedures.

Feel prepared

The overall aim of being to prevent, detect and respond to the simulated attack as if it were real, as well providing an overview for testing crisis management procedures.

Why choose SureCloud for your simulated Red-Team attacks?


Certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) & CREST, SureCloud’s testers stay with you throughout the entire test life-cycle from scoping through to vulnerability discovery and remediation.


SureCloud provides access to its comprehensive cloud-based platform so you can view all your test outputs in one tool and view historical data to perform trend analysis.

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