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Application Security 🖱️

Ensure the security of your mission-critical applications. • Web Application Testing • Mobile Application Testing • API Testing • Secure Code Review • Thick Client Testing • Developer Awareness Training

Infrastructure Security 🖱️

Safeguard your infrastructure. • External Perimeter Testing • Internal Network Testing • Active Directory Review • IT Health Check • Build Review • VPN Penetration Testing • Network Device Review • Vulnerability Assessment • Wireless Penetration Testing

Cloud Security 🖱️

Optimize your cloud security posture. • Cloud Penetration Testing • Cloud Configuration Review • Cloud Architecture & Secure Design Review • Cloud Security Assurance Reviews • SaaS Configuration Review • Cloud Strategy

Product Security 🖱️

Ensure your risks are covered across all assets. • Internet of Things (IoT) Testing • Embedded Device Testing • Research-driven Deep Dive Testing

Prevent your organization from being compromised.

The best defense is often a good offense. A proactive penetration testing program can help to identify vulnerabilities within your organization’s security defenses so that weaknesses can be remediated—before they are exploited by an adversary.

Since 2006, SureCloud has been delivering comprehensive penetration testing, carried out by our highly accredited and certified team of Security Consultants who utilize both manual and automated techniques, ensuring in-depth coverage and consistency throughout the whole engagement.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us and we can build a tailored testing approach to meet your needs.

The SureCloud difference

All our penetration tests are delivered via our Pentest-as-a-Service (PTaaS) model, which is designed to help you identify, prioritize and remediate security threats quickly and efficiently. PTaaS features & benefits:

  • In-depth, consultant-led penetration testing
  • Access to our awarding winning & innovative SaaS platform
  • On-demand access to our Security Consultants for remediation advice
  • Post-remediation retesting via our Retesting Guarantee
  • Dedicated customer success team to ensure your needs are continually being met

Unlike other penetration testing service providers who provide static PDF-based reports that require excessive manual work to interpret, all insights and remediation actions from SureCloud penetration tests are delivered via the award winning and innovative SureCloud Platform.

Our SaaS platform centralizes all vulnerability information and enables your team to easily manage remediation, allocate tasks, perform in-depth trend analysis and track progress over time via intuitive dashboards. Findings and vulnerabilities can be viewed in real-time, as they are discovered, allowing for speedier remediation.

SureCloud Accreditations

SureCloud is a CREST member company and holds NCSC CHECK Green Light status. We use the latest methodologies, which are routinely reviewed and approved by these organizations. Our Consultants hold a range of certifications from reputable bodies such as CREST, Cyber Scheme, Offensive Security and SANS.

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