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Delivered by a world-class cybersecurity team

Certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) & CREST SureCloud’s application penetration testing team stay with you throughout the entire test life-cycle from scoping through to penetration test delivery and remediation.

Gain a greater understanding of your security posture and empower remediation

The key difference between SureCloud and the majority of other cybersecurity service companies is that we concentrate on where you work starts, the remediation phase, by delivering all results through the SureCloud platform. This allow you to gain greater insight into your security posture and demonstrate improvement across multiple or a single testing project. You no longer have to manage this data via static PDF documents.

Web Application

SureCloud’s web application penetration testing team have many years of experience, including detailed knowledge of attack vectors that may affect your applications today. Our approach based on the OWASP methodology incorporates application penetration tests tailored to the individual specifications of an application to enhance your web application’s configuration and security posture.

Application Program Interface (API)

SureCloud’s API penetration testing services can be tailored to a variety of different services being used within a number of different environments. From consumer-based APIs that integrate with web and mobile applications, to system logic processes used within organisations. SureCloud can offer a full range of Application Program Interface penetration testing services to provide assurance and any necessary recommendations to further strengthen and build upon an existing security posture.

Code Review

SureCloud’s application penetration testing team can perform a white-box review of applications, covering both dynamic and static analysis. By sitting with developers, reviewing the source code and engineering proposals when applications are created, companies can gain greater assurance their applications that are built from the ground up will have a stronger security posture Code Review can be performed on both existing system as well as those within the development phase of the systems life cycle.

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