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Ensure the security of your mission-critical applications.

Organizations depend on their core applications to remain operational. Threat actors can expose your organization to risk and disruption by compromising the applications you depend on to conduct business.

Application Security Penetration Testing from SureCloud enables you to determine the security of your most important applications. Our comprehensive testing program will provide a rigorous assessment of your applications, and all of our findings are delivered via our interactive and highly intuitive platform. Your team can access all findings and reports via the platform, which they can also use to track and manage the remediation outcomes which emerge from our tests.

The SureCloud Application Testing process

Our tried-and-tested process guarantees optimized efficiency and outcomes for our clients:

1. Baseline application behavior

We crawl your application to determine the extent of the attack surface and ascertain its normal behavior as a baseline.

2. Assess input controls and parameters

Our team ensures only properly sanitized data is entering your application.

3. Information disclosure and web server

Our team attempt to bypass logical access and identify business logic flaws within your application.

4. Logical access and business logic

Our team attempt to bypass logical access and identify business logic flaws within your application.

5. Vulnerability discovery and exploitation

The SureCloud team systematically identifies key vulnerabilities and then undertakes a rigorous exploitation process.

6. Documentation and reporting

Our team documents all findings and creates highly visual reporting and remediation plans.

7. Engagement debrief

Our experts take you through our findings and recommendations, all of which are available in the SureCloud platform.

We have a range of Application Security Penetration Testing offerings to suit all organizations.

Web Application

Our team has many years of experience, including detailed knowledge of both web application programming languages and key attack vectors that affect your applications. Our approach, based on the OWASP web security testing guide, incorporates penetration tests tailored to the individual specifications of an application to enhance your web application’s configuration and security posture.

Mobile Application Testing

As mobile applications become increasingly ubiquitous, the need to undertake rigorous testing of these applications is imperative. Both your mobile applications and the third-party applications used by your operational teams are a source of risk due to the data they contain and the access to your network they can provide to a hacker. Our expert penetration testing team will undertake comprehensive reviews of all mobile applications, leveraging the OWASP mobile security testing guide (MSTG) to identify all areas of vulnerability and misconfiguration.

API and Web Service Testing

Our comprehensive API penetration testing services can be tailored to a variety of different services being used within a number of different environments. From consumer-based APIs that integrate with web and mobile applications, to system logic processes used within organizations. SureCloud can offer a full range of API penetration testing services to provide assurance and any necessary recommendations to further strengthen and build upon an existing security posture.

Secure Code Review

We can perform a white-box review of applications, covering both dynamic and static analysis. Our Secure Code Review supports all common languages and can be performed on both existing applications as well as those within the development phase of the application life cycle. By sitting with developers and reviewing their source code and engineering proposals when applications are created, companies can be assured that their applications are secure by design.

Thick Client Testing

Hackers often leverage any weaknesses in local desktop applications to infiltrate your infrastructure. Thick client penetration testing from SureCloud identifies all configuration weaknesses that could be exploited by an attacker, via a rigorous and systematic process. Our expert team report all vulnerabilities via the SureCloud platform, through which all remediation actions can be tracked.

Developing and Deploying Secure Code – training courses

Typically, development teams are focused on delivering product functionalities on time and within budget, rather than the security of the code they are writing. Our security training experts will work with your Development teams to educate and demonstrate the most secure ways to write and deploy code, including within CI/CD pipelines. The SureCloud team will work with your developers to help them analyze, re-work and realign existing processes to consistently deliver secure code. Our awareness training is designed to transfer the necessary knowledge to your team to build a strong foundation for security assurance.

“We had a brilliant tester and manager. He did a very thorough piece of testing. Coming from a testing background, I can credit that the test was a very strong piece of work.”

Jake Bernardes, Head of Information Security at SingleStore

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us and we can build a tailored testing approach to meet your needs.

The SureCloud difference

All our penetration tests are delivered via our Pentest-as-a-Service (PTaaS) model, which is designed to help you identify, prioritize and remediate security threats quickly and efficiently. PTaaS features & benefits:

  • In-depth, consultant-led penetration testing
  • Access to our awarding winning & innovative SaaS platform
  • On-demand access to our Security Consultants for remediation advice
  • Post-remediation retesting via our Retesting Guarantee
  • Dedicated customer success team to ensure your needs are continually being met

Unlike other penetration testing service providers who provide static PDF-based reports that require excessive manual work to interpret, all insights and remediation actions from SureCloud penetration tests are delivered via the award winning and innovative SureCloud Platform.

Our SaaS platform centralizes all vulnerability information and enables your team to easily manage remediation, allocate tasks, perform in-depth trend analysis and track progress over time via intuitive dashboards. Findings and vulnerabilities can be viewed in real-time, as they are discovered, allowing for speedier remediation.

SureCloud Accreditations

SureCloud is a CREST member company and holds NCSC CHECK Green Light status. We use the latest methodologies, which are routinely reviewed and approved by these organizations. Our Consultants hold a range of certifications from reputable bodies such as CREST, Cyber Scheme, Offensive Security and SANS.

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