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Improve your vulnerability management programme

With SureCloud’s solution, assimilate data from different vulnerability sources, and provide business context to vulnerability data ensuring IT infrastructure, applications, and business processes are protected.

Centralised source of truth

SureCloud’s Vulnerability Management software provides a central repository for all your vulnerability data, which includes direct feeds from many vulnerability scanning tools (including vulnerability scan scheduling) and supports penetration test data upload.

Streamline and automate

Apply logic and automate task workflow, getting to the remediation stage where you implement the controls to protect your organisation is a much quicker process.

Focus on what really matters

Your vulnerabilities can be linked to information assets and business processes, allowing your team to focus remediation efforts on the highest areas risk.

Achieve clarity and oversight

Your Vulnerability Management programme and its effectiveness can be tracked in real time through live dashboard-driven view of program status – summary charts for senior management, in-depth charts and tables for operational teams. These can be exported as PDFs and emailed to relevant stakeholders with a click of a button.

Download the Vulnerability Management datasheet here.

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