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The way we deliver support to our customers is changing. Here we highlight the specifics and explain how our new cloud-based support platform is designed to deliver the best customer experience:


What is happening?

Our current support ticket management system will move to an external, cloud-based support platform. We are doing this to allow our team to better track support tickets, regardless of the channels they’re raised through, and give you greater visibility over the tickets that have been raised across your organization. Furthermore, it will allow us to bring new options, such as voice, live chat, and an integrated knowledge base.


What will I see?

There are two methods currently to raise a ticket, emailing or raising a ticket from within the platform. There will be no observable changes to the email as these are automatically brought into our support platform.

When raising a support ticket, users will see a new drop-down menu that will ask you for the type of ticket you wish to raise. The options displayed will depend on the services that have been acquired.

Figure 1: example screenshot showing support ticket options


Why is the change necessary?

Last year SureCloud experienced 50% growth. This year already we’ve:

  • Expanded our premises to include the new Innovation Centre in Reading
  • Established a new graduate programme, which has taken on 12 graduates so far
  • Boosted the Cyber Practice with new hires
  • Continued our growth into North America

Growth requires change and implementing this new cloud-based support platform will enhance our support and ensure you enjoy the best customer experience.

In addition, we recognize that business as usual support is a key part of the product/service we provide, and we can do better. In order to do that we need to be able to better analyze the tickets we receive and create knowledge content based on the need.


What does it mean to me?

Besides changing the way you submit support tickets, the biggest change will be to the documentation within our Knowledge Base, which we are taking a customer-facing approach to.

We know our GRC customers often have more technical issues, due to the nature of their specific configured environment. The new help desk will allow us to build and provide knowledge base content on the things that really matter to you.

In addition, the powerful and flexible support platform enables us to provide you with omnichannel customer service, so you can interact with our team in the way(s) that suit you best.

In the coming months, we will be rolling our telephone support and live chat functionality within the platform. Our SureCloud Platform Administrators will be notified directly when these updates take place.


How else does this benefit me?

Within the support platform, and through our Knowledge Base, you will be exposed to the full suite of GRC applications and cybersecurity services on offer. Now, rather than engage with us on specific projects, you will have the visibility to explore how the SureCloud Platform can provide you with an integrated risk management solution to better protect your organization against vulnerabilities and threats.


Important note:

  • Any customers that have purchased through one of our partners will continue to be serviced and receive support through the SureCloud platform.


If you have any questions, please email to speak to a member of the team.


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