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The Challenge

Fully automated Vulnerability Scanning can cover large suites of known vulnerabilities, but the major limitation is that without human intelligence, there are high false positive or false negative rates and there is typically no contextualized and prioritized output generated.

The Solution

SureCloud’s Vulnerability Assessment Service will cover large suites of known vulnerabilities, but crucially qualified consultants configure and manage the scans which are run at an agreed frequency. Scans are continually monitored, and when complete, SureCloud’s expert consultants then analyze and validate the results. Following a process of manual verification, the team then delivers a dedicated report via the SureCloud Platform, grouping vulnerabilities into findings and prioritizing remediation actions per industry best practice. This solution works particularly well in between (and not in replace of) penetration testing cycles, delivering maximum assurance levels to organizations working in this way.

To read the full Vulnerability Assessment Services datasheet please download at the bottom of the page. 


Vulnerability Assessment Datasheet

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