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Download the free Tiering Assessment Excel Template at the bottom of the page.

In ‘Tiering 101: The Most Effective Method to Ensure You Are Assessing The Right Vendors’, we looked into what you should be asking yourself when it comes to vendor coverage. We also explored how businesses can best identify third-party vendors that come with significant risk.

Most organisations think about vendor coverage however, with limited resources, it feels impossible to optimise your vendor portfolio by rigorously assessing every supplier.

SureCloud’s third-party tiering assessment template is here to help!



Manage your vendor coverage effectively

Our Template includes:

  1. The questions you should be asking your vendors
  2. The impact ratings you can use to assess the answers
  3. Vendor tiers you can use against the answers
  4. An organised and clear template for you to build upon

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Download the free TPRM Tiering Assessment Template below!

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