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In our latest guide, ‘THE ULTIMATE GUIDE: The Definitive Third-Party Risk Management Maturity Journey’, we explore how to improve your vendor risk management program with SureCloud’s practical 7 stage model.

Organisations face increased exposure ad liability for data breaches in third-party relationships. The challenge is that a TPRM program involves a coordinated effort across operational risk, control and compliance functions, as well as the line of business that owns the relationships. This requires a facilitated collaboration between departments, such as procurement, IT security, privacy, legal, corporate compliance, and others. Furthermore, there is a greater regulatory focus on accountability for third party risks.

SureCloud has developed the TPRM Maturity Journey Guide to help communicate and assist organisations in accelerating their TPRM program and processes.

You can download “The Ultimate Guide: The Definitive Third-Party Risk Management Maturity Journey” below. 

This download will help you understand where your organisation is in its third-party risk management journey and how to move forward. The guide includes:

  • The clear goals for your third-party risk management program
  • The questions you need to ask in each stage of the journey
  • The current state of third party risk management

Do you need a tool to manage your third-party suppliers?

Your organisation may be using an Excel sheet to keep on top of its suppliers. This may be okay to start with, but as your business grows, so does the list of suppliers. Challenges businesses face without a dedicated third-party risk management tool include:

  • It doesn’t do anything on its own.
  • There is a lot of manual updating and it doesn’t trigger anything automatically.
  • It’s not secure.
  • It has no audit log, so you don’t know who changed what, from what and when.
  • Spreadsheets sit idly by as deadlines come and go, it doesn’t chase or email anyone.
  • Countless emails need to be sent to create interaction.

You may want to use a cloud-based TPRM solution to keep track of your suppliers so you can focus on where it matters.

Introducing SureCloud’s Third-Party Risk Solution

Take a look at what SureCloud can offer by watching our mini-demo video here.

Features include:

  • A centralised register of your third parties
  • Ensure that your network of partners or third parties does not undermine the level of security you apply internally
  • Configure sophisticated assessments using screening or conditional questions
  • Results and risks are aggregated in real-time on dashboards

Want to learn more about SureCloud’s story?

Download the guide at the bottom of the page.

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