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Securing the New Normal with SureCloud

SureCloud has recently launched a Cyber Resilience Assessment Solution, which is a blend of consulting services, practical take-away guides and checklists, and action tracking and reporting through SureCloud’s GRC Platform.

Organisations have had to mobilise extremely quickly to maintain their business operations, having potentially done so with less of a focus on security controls. Our offering enables our clients to learn lessons from their response to the global pandemic, evaluate their current cybersecurity posture, and use this context to develop a strategy that will ensure a strong level of cyber resilience in the ‘new normal’.

This free cyber and risk guide gives you an insider look into what our consultants are advising customers to keep them secure due to COVID-19’s need for sudden remote working and beyond.

You can download the guide at the bottom of the page. 

What does this guide cover?

This download will help you understand why you must remain vigilant and aware of the potential cyber threats we face, especially as these threats have an affinity for exploiting situations like these. The guide includes phishing/social engineering techniques to be aware of, securing sensitive data and home IT equipment.

Want more than a guide to give you confidence in your current cybersecurity and risk posture?

Our CREST and CHECK accredited consultants are here to help.

Benefits of SureCloud’s assessment include gaining:

  • Confidence in the security controls used for the rapid steps taken to adopt different ways of working
  • Visibility of risk and an understanding of your new cybersecurity posture
  • A clear remediation plan to address areas of concern
  • Assurance of your organisation’s cyber resilience and recovery strategy
  • Access to dynamic reporting using SureCloud’s award-winning platform

Take a look at what SureCloud can offer by heading to our dedicated page here.

Check off SureCloud’s expert’s practical steps, access our free checklist here. 

Download our free ‘Remote Working’ checklist which is segmented under People, Process, and Technology to keep it simple for you. Click here.

Webinar with CREST President to discuss the New Normal and Beyond…

Check out our fireside virtual conversation on how to ‘Secure Your Cyber Baseline For The New Normal’ with Ian Glover (CREST) and our Risk Advisory Practice Director.

Key takeaways:

  1. ‘Top ten’ return to work tips including establishing new ways of working
  2. Advice on how to secure a new cyber baseline following a crisis
  3. Guidance for defining a resilient cyber strategy

Click here, to check it out. 


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