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Keep Calm and Audit On – ISO

During this unique and unsettling time, organisations are still expected to meet their audit requirements for a number of regulations and standards, including PCI, HIPPA, and ISO. This guide focuses on providing insight and tips for businesses to follow while working towards ISO27001 re-certification during a crisis.

The challenges our ISMS lead faced

Oliver, SureCloud’s ISMS Lead, was getting ready to complete SureCloud’s annual ISMS audit when he identified the effect COVID-19 was having on Asia and Europe. A week before the assessment, the UK was instructed by the government to work from home. How did he prepare to get SureCloud ready for their first ever remote ISMS audit and persuade the auditor to go ahead and not postpone?

The Solution

SureCloud’s ISMS Lead pulled together his own personal account of SureCloud’s process for re-certifying for ISO27001 in the midst of COVID-19. Oliver includes practical steps and tips to follow, including how best to organise your ISMS programme. He pulls together key examples with helpful screenshots to help you replicate processes.

The guide covers how to measure and set effective objectives for your ISO27001 programme to help with re-certification. As well as demonstrating how to complete a re-certification remotely and communicate with auditors effectively. All of this is available in our practical guide for you to download and use for free.

You can download the free guide at the bottom of the page.

This download will help you understand how our ISMS Lead achieved re-certification for SureCloud with the help of cloud-based technology. The guide includes audit survival tips and clear SMART objectives for any ISMS programme.

Want to gain even more practical guidance for a successful remote ISMS audit?

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