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Maturing your risk and compliance programs effectively

In our latest guide, “Choosing the Right Governance, Risk and Compliance Tool”, our experts provide insight into how to pick the best risk and compliance management software solutions for your organisation.

Before choosing a governance, risk and compliance solution, risk and compliance processes are run by using a combination of tools (Spreadsheets, Word Processors and Collaboration tools.)

  • These processes are often non-sustainable and cause issues such as evidence of review and sign off key documents
  • Data integrity is often an issue with spreadsheets as it’s unclear who has changed what and is it the latest version of the data?
  • Users of the tools are unable to give a clear picture of the current state and struggle to produce single risk and compliance reports for management

This paper is here to help GRC professionals feel assured and confident in their choice of solution vendor. The guide includes, overcoming GRC tooling pitfalls, and the business context the tool should be supporting.

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You can access the ‘Choosing the Right Governance, Risk and Compliance Tool Guide’, at the bottom of the page. 

This download will help you understand why you may need to consider GRC Tooling. The guide includes:

  • How to start your GRC tooling journey
  • The questions you need to answer before implementing a GRC tool
  • What to avoid when implementing a GRC solution
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Need more than spreadsheets to manage your governance, risk and compliance program?

You might be currently using an Excel sheet to keep on top of your risk and compliance requirements. If so, this may be adequate at the start of your business, but as your business grows, this will require more and more work.

Challenges businesses face without a dedicated risk and compliance solution include:

  • It doesn’t do very much on its own.
  • It’s not secure.
  • It has no audit log, so you don’t know who changed what, from what and when.
  • Spreadsheets sit idly by as deadlines come and go, it doesn’t chase or email anyone.
  • Countless emails have to be sent to create interaction.

You may want to join us and use a cloud-based GRC solution to manage your organisation’s requirements.

Introducing SureCloud’s Risk and Compliance Management Solution

Take a look at what SureCloud can offer by watching our mini-demo videos here.

·      Compliance Management

·      Risk Management


SureCloud’s Compliance Management features include:

  • Take advantage of a robust compliance library SCF (including automatic updates) at no additional up-front or hidden license cost to you
  • Automate the management of control self-assessment, design and operating tests
  • Integrated issue and exception management
  • Easily manage the change, updates, and lifecycle of controls and their regulatory mappings
  • Streamline multiple compliance work streams into one program
  • Live dashboards and snapshot compliance reporting

SureCloud’s Risk Management features include:

  • Streamlined, structured approach to risk management and a central view of risk across the enterprise
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Identify, assess and manage risks of all types across divisions, business units, business functions, and geographies
  • Simultaneously support different risk frameworks

Want to learn more?

Access the guide at the bottom of the page.

Review our other free downloadable assets for your compliance and risk management programs including:

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