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08:00-08:30 – Registration & Breakfast

08:30-08:45 – Keynote Introduction and Welcome by SureCloud’s CEO Richard Hibbert

08:45-09:30 – Guest Speaker, Tim Hickman, GDPR Expert at Global law firm White & Case

09:30-10:00 – Key GDPR Processes, led by SureCloud’s COO Nick Rafferty and CEO Richard Hibbert

10:00-10:30 – Q&A and Networking

Date: 25 May 2017 (exactly 1 year until the GDPR comes into force)

This briefing will provide in-depth insights into the challenges of GDPR compliance, by exploring the requirements of the GDPR and examining the key tools and steps for achieving and maintaining an appropriate level of compliance with the GDPR.

Legal Issues

Prioritising the right issues: One of the biggest challenges with the GDPR is that it is so wide-ranging, and impacts so many business activities, that it can be hard to know where to start. We will offer insights on how to identify the areas in which businesses should be focusing their compliance efforts.

Legal basis for processing: Every processing activity that a business undertakes requires a legal basis (e.g., consent, compliance with law, legitimate interests, etc.). We will consider how the GDPR limits the options available to businesses.

Principles for processing: The GDPR requires that processing activities are conducted in accordance with certain principles (lawfulness, fairness and transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, storage limitation, etc.). We will explore these principles, providing best practice examples.

Legacy non-compliance: Many businesses face compliance challenges in relation to existing processing activities, which are not currently GDPR compliant. We will review the best strategies for dealing with such legacy non-compliance.

The ‘Right to be Forgotten’: The GDPR strengthens the rights of individuals in some areas, and creates new rights in others. Among the most challenging issues is the so-called ‘Right to be Forgotten’, which allows individuals to require businesses to delete their personal data in some circumstances.  We will provide practical guidance on the steps businesses should take to prepare for these challenges.

GDPR Processes

We will examine the key controls that organisations need to implement to achieve compliance and provide a demonstration of SureCloud GDPR Suite.The following control areas will be covered:

Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

Records of processing and compliance activities

Subject access requests

Incident management

Data protection impact assessments


Key takeaways

Contractual mechanisms to achieve and maintain compliance

Guidance on the type of contracts within your organisation that you will need to revise

Insight on how you can use tools to streamline key GDPR processes

A full understanding of the logical steps to start your GDPR compliance journey

An understanding of how other organizations are addressing this area

Your Speakers:

Richard Hibbert – SureCloud CEO

Tim Hickman – GDPR Expert and Associate at Global Law Firm White & Case

Nick Rafferty – SureCloud COO



The Gherkin
30 St Mary Axe

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