Datasheet: Enterprise risk management

Aurora’s IT & enterprise risk management solution is designed to help your organization adapt to an ever-evolving technological landscape while minimizing potential threats. With Aurora, you no longer have to guess. Our advanced reporting and analytics provide the data you need to assess risk levels accurately. 

Download our ERM datasheet and you'll understand how we can help:

  • Check icon-1 Achieve a consistent approach to identifying, assessing, mitigating and reporting based on risk management best practices (e.g. ISO 27005, ISO 31000 and NIST).
  • Check icon-1 Achieve a centralized, real-time view of all risks in the organization.
  • Check icon-1 Proactively manage and minimise potential threats and uncertainties that could impact operations – all thanks to automated assessments with scheduling and notifications.
  • Check icon-1 Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies to reduce overall risk exposure of the business.

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