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A large number of data breaches occurs not directly through your own business, but through the business of a supplier or third party you’re working with. Therefore, managing third-party risk for your organization is a critical activity. However, it’s a daunting task trying to manage all of your third parties risk consistently, assessing vendors on a regular basis, consolidating their responses and providing visibility and reporting over the entire program.


SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management software automates the third-party risk management process and allows you to integrate with broader IT risk management processes and even your data privacy program.

SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management software helps you create a centralized register of your third parties, build and automatically send out assessments. As well as consolidate all of the responses and provide a flexible dashboard and reporting framework, which means you can finally have a comprehensive view across those third parties and the risk they may pose to your organization.

Additionally, SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management software is smart enough to only ask questions of your third parties that directly apply to them, avoiding assessment fatigue (one of the biggest sources of “no response” when it comes to assessing third parties).

Key Benefits of SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management Software:

  • A holistic view of third-party risk within your organization
  • Create a centralized register of your third parties
  • Ensure that your network of partners or third parties does not undermine the level of security you apply internally

Latest Updates to SureCloud’s Third Party Risk Management Software:

  • Create your own and edit existing questions through a fully configurable question library
  • Configure sophisticated assessments using screening or conditional questions
  • Monitor third party progress through the built-in workflow, prioritized by their importance to the business
  • Results and risks are aggregated in real time on dashboards

Third Party Risk Management Features

Designed to give you certainty across the company

Process Templates and Common Controls

Process Templates and Common Controls

Create self-assessment questionnaires using pre-defined question templates and make them instantly available to third parties.

Central Structure and Visibility

Central Structure and Visibility

Via the Cloud-based SureCloud Platform, track upcoming, in progress, completed and overdue assessments in real-time.

Automated Aggregation

Automated Aggregation

Automated data aggregation across the entire program allows you to view user defined risk metrics, charts and tabular reports or any user defined groupings.

Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

Select from preconfigured best practice charts and tables or create new ones in MS Word or Excel using Microsoft Office add-ins. Dashboards allow a single view to monitor risk or assess program effectiveness.

Action Management

Action Management

Automated task allocation is embedded within each assessment, including reminders sent to assignees for overdue activities.


of revenue is represented by third parties


pounds average loss for large enterprises in a third-party breach


of organizations who experience a breach lose customers

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