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Where do you start when setting up your SMCR programme?

Once you understand the level to which you need to comply (If you’re unsure on what tier your firm is check out blog 5 – Your SMCR queries answered).


There are eight broad areas to getting fully on-board with SMCR.


How technology could help your SMCR programme

  1. SureCloud’s SMCR software puts you in control and helps you understand the impact on your business. Rather than apply a catch-all approach, our solution can apply a filter which defines and treats each legal entity separately so that each business can be managed on an individual basis. As a Core company – the tier that most organisations will fall under – you will able to access all the functionality that comes with an Enhanced approach, and apply it as you choose.
  2. Once your scope has been established, we can put forward recommendations for the documentation processes by way of a solution that helps you build a centralised register of your roles and responsibilities, the employees that hold them, and how these roles map to functions defined within the regime.
  3. The solution can then be embedded into your HR and Governance frameworks to ensure individuals are appropriately vetted and certified depending on their responsibilities, with much of the workflow being fully automated.


What can you do with SureCloud’s SMCR solution?

Our SMCR software empowers you to centralise and organise the process, and embed best practice and workflow into your governance frameworks as well as HR processes:

  • Centrally document employees, roles and responsibilities
  • Clarify who’s responsible for activities, business areas and management functions
  • Map legal entities against regimes
  • Keep everything up to date via automated notifications
  • Consolidate and report on your overall SMCR status
  • Demonstrate compliance

Our solution will provide clarity and control, and give you a holistic view of your compliance journey, meaning everyone has greater clarity on what needs to be done, how, and when. Our configurable dashboards also allow you to download and share reports and info.


Key benefits of SureCloud’s SMCR solution

  • Streamline your processes
  • Works as your single source of truth
  • Automate your activities
  • Real time dash-boarding and reporting
  • Great user experience
  • Integrate your Governance, Risk and Compliance journeys

“We’ve become far more efficient and have made substantial time savings by using the SureCloud Platform, as many of the larger solutions would have taken years to implement.” – Vince Pillay, Chief Information Security Officer, Domestic & General

“Very impressed with the depth and detail that SureCloud has put into their UK SMCR solution. Very well thought out.”– Michael Rasmussen, GRC 2020

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