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Supporting your end-to-end approach

ISF designed their Information Risk Assessment Methodology 2 (IRAM2) to provide “risk practitioners with a complete end-to-end approach to performing business-focused information risk assessments”, SureCloud’s Risk Management for IRAM2 software assists you in making this happen.

Efficiency and usability

SureCloud’s information risk management software for IRAM2 has been developed in conjunction with key ISF community members and designed with the fundamental objectives of repeatability, efficiency, and usability in mind.

Streamline and automate

With SureCloud’s Risk Management for IRAM2, individual assessments have been streamlined, and no longer exist as standalone activities. Assessment become standardized and repeatable giving you insights into your information security

Grow over time

IRAM2 Risk assessments are supported by SureCloud’s shared libraries (such as assets, threats, and controls) that will continue to develop over time.

Gain Clarity and Oversight on your IRAM2 Programme

SureCloud’s information risk management software also provides aggregated real-time reporting of information risk on interactive and customisable dashboards. Giving you greater understanding of the assessment outcomes

Download the Risk Management for IRAM2 datasheet here. 

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