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Robust Risk Management Solution

70% of organizations report the risks they face are increasingly complex and more frequent compared to five years ago, and only a quarter believe their risk management solutions are robust enough to support them.

Effective Risk Management

SureCloud’s Risk Management software provides a streamlined, structured approach to risk management and a central view of risk across the enterprise. SureCloud’s Risk Management software allows organizations to identify, assess and manage risks of all types across divisions, legal entities, business functions, and geographies.

Organize and categorise your risks

Risk registers can be set up centrally or locally allowing teams to own and manage any given set of risks. You can also use your own or the pre-configured risk assessment methodologies that allow you to understand impact, likelihood and risk rating.

Support your Risk Frameworks

SureCloud’s Risk Management software can also aggregate risks by comparing different types and approaches of risk side by side, enabling organizations to simultaneously support different Risk Frameworks and methodologies, such as ISO, COSO, and IRAM2.


Gain clarity and oversight

Powerful real-time dashboards and reports can be configured to provide an enterprise view or down to a department summary of risk. These snapshots of your organization’s current risk posture can be exported within the platform and emailed to relevant stakeholders.

Download the Risk Management datasheet here.

Why choose SureCloud’s Risk Management software solution?


Avoid the pain of managing home-grown, spreadsheet-based, risk registers and assessments.


Create your own or use pre-built templates for functional areas to assess IT, project and business risk. Allowing your users to document and assess using preconfigured risk matrices.


Ability to define risk and business hierarchies for your reporting needs, aggregate risk register data at any level and weight business unit size or functional importance.

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