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Many organizations manage their compliance processes using disparate tools like spreadsheets, where centralized management and reporting on compliance activity is often unachievable. SureCloud’s Compliance Management Software allows organizations to move away from these time and resource-heavy processes, transforming their compliance program into a streamlined and effortless operation with true automation via a single, intuitive interface.

Business value

  • Efficiently monitor and test compliance against any regulation, standard, and framework.
  • Promptly identify compliance gaps and deficiencies so action can be taken.
  • Quickly demonstrate compliance to any stakeholder or external authority.

“Without SureCloud, we would need a significantly bigger internal compliance team, so we made instant savings in terms of time and manpower. We now have visibility and control across our GRC activities and have moved from passive to proactive compliance.”

Vincent Pillay, Chief Information Security Officer, Domestic & General

Key Features & Benefits

SureCloud Compliance Management Software is flexible, pre-configured, and aligned to industry best practices.

Easily set up your compliance program using a pre-loaded control library

Easily set up your compliance program using a pre-loaded control library

SureCloud Compliance Management System provides a built-in, comprehensive control library that is pre-populated with control content from all major regulations, standards, and frameworks, including the Secure Control Framework (SCF), Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, The ISF Standard of Good Practice for Information Security, NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, NIST Privacy Framework, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). You can also import any other control framework (including your own).

Satisfy multiple compliance requirements with a single control set

Satisfy multiple compliance requirements with a single control set

Many regulations and standards have overlapping requirements, but too many organizations work to comply with them separately as they are added into the mix.

SureCloud Compliance Management Software comes pre-loaded with a rationalized control library provided by the Secure Control Framework (SCF). The library includes over 850 controls, mapped across more than 150 regulations and standards, and is updated every few months.

This helps to simplify compliance and security operations by reducing the number of controls you have to deal with, therefore reducing the workload to test and audit the controls.

“SureCloud’s clever and unique adoption of the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) as one of the built-in control sets available in their solution raises the stakes in the industry for a comprehensive compliance solution.”

Tom Cornelius – Founder & Contributor of Secure Control Framework

Enable end-to-end control version management

Enable end-to-end control version management

With our advanced control version management capabilities, the previously time-consuming process of reviewing control updates can now be done automatically, in minutes, streamlining the compliance change process.

You are notified you when there are changes in the controls for you to review and accept/reject, with comparisons that clearly highlight the difference between old and new control states. You can also manage updates to the controls by updating the master control, pushing out updates to associated controls, and then tracking the adoption of the updates.

Move to proactive compliance with Continuous Control Monitoring capabilities

Move to proactive compliance with Continuous Control Monitoring capabilities

Proactively monitor compliance on an ongoing basis with out-of-the-box, easy to interpret Key Control Indicators (KCIs), which can automatically test the effectiveness of the controls you have implemented and alert you to changes so action can be taken before it becomes an issue.

Gain powerful insights via centralized, real-time dashboards and reporting

Gain powerful insights via centralized, real-time dashboards and reporting

Powerful dashboards and reporting features are pre-built and ready to go out-of-the-box. You can also create your own reports and dashboards with SureCloud’s configuration interface to ensure your organization’s unique reporting needs are met.

“SureCloud’s technology helps us gain a holistic view of our risk and compliance program, enabling us to identify our priorities more easily.”

Eline van der Lugt, Head of Risk, Mollie

The SureCloud difference

Leverage best practice

SureCloud is uniquely positioned to offer not only best-of-breed software but also a range of award-winning GRC consultancy services. Our Consultants’ knowledge and real-world experience inform our software development. Our Consultants are available to help ensure that the software is effectively adopted and embedded within your organization.

Achieve your transformation in weeks, not months

Leverage SureCloud’s pre-loaded, out-of-the-box features to significantly reduce configuration times and costs. Our dedicated, in-house GRC Professional Services team will fully manage your deployment to ensure you achieve value within a short space of time.

License subscriptions that flex to your way of working

SureCloud’s tiered licensing model gives you the level of functionality you need, no matter where you are in your maturity journey.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us and we can tailor the configuration to meet your needs.

Delivery flexibility

Choose how you would like us to deliver the software.

Product Only

Get up and running quickly with our out-of-the-box Compliance Management Software. Leverage built-in best practice and rapidly deploy a range of focused controls for compliance with specific regulations and standards.

Product Plus

Take advantage of our most popular delivery model, which includes everything from licensing and implementation to ongoing configuration changes and support in one flat annual fee.


Outsource some or all of your compliance management workloads to our expert team of Consultants who leverage the power of our Compliance Management software.

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